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Slope intercept form equation for Perpendicular line

Write equation in slope intercept form for the line perpendicular to the graph of y= 2/3x-6. That passes through the x intercept


State the x intercepts and y intercept of each function

y = x^2 + 2x - 8
X Intercept


Solve for X-intercept. 3x+y=-1

How do you find the x intercept for 3x+y=-1?
X Intercept


what is the x intercept of y=-x+7

 it's on big ideas math I also need to know how to graph it. It's really hard. I need to know the answer in about 10 minutes. So please hurry. I will be forever in your dept if you help me.  
X Intercept Graphing


how to find x intercept and one other point if i use -9x +2y=4

Please help! been stuck on this for a while!
X Intercept Graphing


how do I find the x intercept and one other point if i use 3x - 5y =10

Help! i can't figure this out!
X Intercept Slope Y Intercept


Given the function 2x+y=7 find the following: a. X-intercept b. Y- intercept c. Slope

steps on how to solve please I appreciate it
X Intercept


Find the values of K so that the graph of the equation y = |x + k | -2 has an x intercept of 4

Plz help me x etc etc

Identify the x-int and the vertex of the quadratic function

f(x)=2x^2-x+1   what I did: 2x^2/2 - x/2 = -1/2 x^2 - x/2 = -1/2 x^2 - x/2 +1/16 = -1/2 +1/16 (x-1/4)^2= -7/16 Vertex: (1/4, 7/16) But when I graph it the vertex is incorrect what is the... more

Polynomial Degree question

Hi guys I had a quick question? How do you determine the minimum degree of a function. Do you look at the roots or the extrema in the graph? If you do look at the x intercepts couldn't that answer... more
X Intercept Y Intercepts


find the x intercept and the y intercept of the graph of the equation

-4x+5y=-8 I'm doing ECA review and can't remember how to do these type of problems. thanks for any help



find a polynomial function of degree 2 whose x intercept are -1 and 5 and whose range is (-∞,9)  
X Intercept


find the x intercept of f(x)=x2-9x+7

What are the x-intercepts of f(x)=x2−9x+7
X Intercept High School Math Help


find the x intercept

what is the x int in y=x3+3 ?? pls help 


Domain, x-intercepts, y intercepts

Let  P(x)=-2x^4+2x^3+12x^2 When factored, P(x)= -2x^2(x+2)(x-3) (a).State the domain. (b) State the x-intercepts: (c) State the y-intercept:
X Intercept Functions


What's the x intercept of y=3x-6?

Its for a math thing and I just dont get it can someone plz explain  
X Intercept Graphing


Find the value of m in y = mx + 3 so that the x- intercept of ots graph will be (4,0)

Find the value of m in y = mx + 3 so that the x- intercept of its graph will be (4,0)
X Intercept Math Algebra 1 Graph


how do you identify the x and y intercepts from a graph?

how do you identify the x and y intercepts from a graph? am i overcomplicating it? my Hw question says: "Draw a line on the coordinate grid below. Identify the x- and y- intercepts. Then write an... more
X Intercept Slope Y Intercept


what is y- intercept

what is the difference between y and x intercept. what is slope?

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