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I need help graphing Linear Equalities .

I don't know how to do this at all and I have alot of problems due like this tomorrow and I  have a big test coming up too. If I don't learn how to do this, I will fail.

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1 Answer

Hi Ivory

Graphing linear inequalities is not too hard if you know how to graph lines.


x -2y < 6

set x, and y to 0 tfinds the intercepts.

x = 6, -2y = 6 so y = -3.

Those are your intercepts, so connect 6 on x axis with -3 on the y.

finally test a point to see if you are above the line that connects (6,0) to (0,-3).

the easiest is to test the origin (0,0).

0 -2*0 < 6 is true so we note that we are on the origin is part of the solution so we are above the line.