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If paul is driving at a constant rate of 65 miles per hour, the distance he travels (d) is a function of the time he drives (f). If paul drives for 4 hours which of the following describes the... more


Domain and Range of Radical Functions

How do the values of a, h and k in the radical function f(x)=a√x−h+k, affect the domain and range of a radical function? 


what is the domain and range of xy= -5


How do I solve this? What is the domain and range?

Maria takes MOPAC to work. She can drive 45 mph during rush hour. Write a function to show how long it takes her to get to work. If she gets to work in 30 minutes, how far does she have to travel... more


Please explain...

Q.What is the range of a given function Logbb=1A. {y | y > 0}Please explain why the answer is like that with solution. Thanks!


Domain and Range

A=((450-3x)/2))w   Determine the domain and range of this area function. Determine the dimensions that give the maximum area. Please help me solve this step by step.


what is the domain of y=sqrt(tan(x))

y = sqrt ( tan(x) ) 


Domain and range of the equation

{(-5,6), (12,-1), (11,5), (11,2)}


what is domain and range of function f(X)=17+x²

 no discription


If the range of the function f(x)=x^2 is {25,36}, then what is the domain?

Please break down the problem because I am honestly so confused, thanks! 


Domain of the function f given by f(x) = 2 – |x – 5| is

It is taken from the chapter "relations and functions" from class 11th. This questions also have options i.e.,  a) R^+ b) R - {5} c) R - {-5} d) R 


What is the domain and range of {(12,2);(11,10);(18,0);(19,1);(13,4)}

I am really have trouble with this problem , and can not find a way to figure the problem out . I have tried and tried , but I still can’t figure it out . I am in desperate help.


what is the domain of f(x)=1800-45x

please help I get confused on domain


Graph and find the domain and range of the function

f(x)=(1/4)x-1   My class is in the functions section now but i can't figure out how to solve this problem. I've tried using multiple examples of the functions we've gone over but none seem to... more


An envelope is 4cm longer than it is wide. The area is 96cm. Find the length and width.

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what is the domain of the function? f(x) = 4x + 10

 Please solve for the domain. Thanks in advance!!


Find the domain and range of the function. Use a graphing utility to verify your results. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) f(x) = −x2 − 6x + 7

The question asks to find the domain and range of the function by using interval notation.


What is the domain and range from 30x+22=y?

I need to find the domain and range for a project and I have been struggling.


I've been working on the same problem for an hour and can't figure it out.

. A van rental company rents out 6, 8, 12, and 16 passenger vans. The function C(x)=11+5x represents the cost C(in dollars) of renting an x-passenger van for the day. Which of the following numbers... more


Domain and range word problem

suppose that a ball is dropped from a window that is 64 feet above the ground and that the ball strikes the ground after two seconds. if function h calculates the height of the ball after t... more


Domain and range of f(x)=2(3)



finding range of f(x)= √(1-e^x+2)

i was able to find the domain of f(x)= √(1-e^x+2) i set 1-e^x+2 >/= 0  and i found that x</= -2   How would i determine the range? 


domain and range of g(t)= √(16+7^-t)

I know a square root cannot be negative so  16+7^-t >=0 7^-t>=-16   since an exponential function cannot be negative, can i assume that t is all real numbers? how do i find the range?
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