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Linear Programming Math Algebra 1


Linear Programming. Concert Contract

You are a concert promoter and sign a contract with Keith Urban. In the contract, you guarantee the attendance of at least 12,500 and total ticket receipts of at least $225,000. The tickets to the... more
Linear Programming Statistics


Solve the following linear programming problems graphically.

San Gabriel corporation produces both soda and juice drinks. A case of soda requires 2 pounds of malt and 3 pounds of sugar while a case of juice requires 1 pound of malt and 4 pounds of sugar. ... more
Linear Programming Word Problem


Linear Programming Word Problem

Maddie Moo’s Ice Cream Inc. makes two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. Each day, the company can make up to 1000 quarts of ice cream, and the sales department can sell up to 800 quarts of vanilla... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2 Inequalities Equations


Write equations/inequalities for each constraint. Graph the feasible region and find the minimum cost.

A rancher is mixing two types of food Brand x and Brand y. Each serving of the combined brands must include 60 grams of protein & 30 grams of fat. Protein Fat CostBrand... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2


Linear programming word problem, formulate the model

A farmer has 200 acres of land and wants to cultivate tomatoes and pumpkins. The yield of tomatoes is 5 tons per acre, and the yield of pumpkins is 3 tons per acre. The tomatoes can be sold at a... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2 Word Problem


Linear Programming, Algebra 2 Question

In order to ensure optimal health and accurate test results, a lab technician needs to feed the rabbits a daily diet containing a minimum of 24 grams of fat, 36 g of carbohydrates, and 4 g of... more
Linear Programming Word Problem


Solve the linear programming problem

A manufacturer of golf clubs makes a profit of $60 per set on a model A set and $40 per set on a model B set. Daily production of the model A clubs is between 30 and 60 sets, inclusive, and that of... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2 Word Problem


Linear Programming Question

Aimee has just completed a fifty-minute history test with sixteen multiple-choice questions and six short answer questions. The multiple-choice questions were worth four points each, while the... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2



Paperback book cost $15 each and hardcover books cost $21 each. A library has $315 to spend on books. Find the maximum number of books that the library could buy.
Linear Programming Algebra 2


What is the maximum value of P=4x+2y given the constraints on x and y listed below

X+2y is less than or equal to 10y is less than or equal to 2 x is greater than or equal to 0 y is greater than or equal to 0
Linear Programming


number of kgs. for each ingredients to use in order to minimize the total cost for 10000 kgs

Bill and Bro’s chemical ltd. must produce 10,000 kgs. of a special mixture for a customer. Themix consists of ingredients A, B and C. The costs of ingredients are $8 per kg for A, $ 10 perkg for B... more


I want to solve this, i need help. Justify your answer please.

Consider the linear system: x - 2y + 3z = 4 2x - 3y + az = 5 3x - 4y + 5z = b   For which values of a and b does the linear system have a) no solution, b) a unique solution, c) infinitely... more


Is this True or False ? Justify your answer please.

If A is a 2 x 2 matrix such that AAT (Transpose) = 0, then A = 0.
Linear Programming Word Problem


Linear Programming Word Problem

Mrs. Green wants to crochet beach hats and baby afghans for a church fundraising bazaar. She needs 7 hours to make a hat and 4 hours to make an afghan and she has 68 hours available. She wants to... more
Linear Programming Word Problem


Linear Programming Word Problem

A candy company has 145 lbs of cashews and 195 pounds of peanuts which can be combined into 2 mixed. The deluxe mix is 1/2 cashew and 1/2 peanuts which sells for $6 per pound. The economy mix is... more
Linear Programming


How many ounces of each are needed to have 107 grams of carbohydrates and 126 grams of protein?

A sports drink, Zap, contains 7 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of protein per ounce. Another sports drink, Wham, contains 5 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein per ounce.


Linear Programing word problem with three variables

A company makes three types of candy and packages them in three assortments. Assortment I contains 4 sour, 4 lemon, and 12 lime candies, and sells for $9.40. Assortment II contains 12 sour, 4... more


Linear programming, Algebra 2 Honors

a doctor allots 15 minutes for routine office visit and 45 minutes for for physicals. The doctor cannot do more than 10 physicals per day. The doctor has nine available hours for appointments each... more
Linear Programming


I am trying to find what the maximum profit is?

A farmer has 110 acres on which to plant oats or corn. Each acre of oats requires $18 capital and 2 hours of labor. Each acre of corn requires $36 capital and 6 hours of labor. Labor costs are $8... more
Linear Programming


Linear program

Question 1Giapetto’s Woodcarving, Inc. manufactures two types of toys: soldiers and trains. Each soldier sold generate $4.00 in profit while each train generates $2.50 in profit. The manufacture of... more
Linear Programming Graphing


How many cases of each will maximize the trucker's sales?

A trucker carries cases of Big Red and Dr. Pepper into a region. His truck can carry 1000 cases total. He must carry at least 200 cases of Big Red and at most 400 cases of Dr. Pepper. Each case of... more
Linear Programming


Phil owns a small business that makes playground sets and playhouses. Use linear programming to decide how many of each product the company should make each day

  Phil owns a small business that makes playground sets and playhouses. The production process breaks down into the prep stage, where lumber is cut and drilled, and the assembly stage. For each... more
Linear Programming


help me with this word problem?

A calculator company produces a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator. Long-term projections indicate an expected demand of at least 100 scientific calculators and 80 graphing calculators... more

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