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Coordinates Math


What are the coordinates of the final point?

Reflect  (5,−3) over the x-axis. Then translate the result down 2 units.What are the coordinates of the final point?
Coordinates Math


The point ( -4,1 ) is rotated 180 degrees counterclockwise using center (0,0). what are the coordinates of the image?

is it: (-1,-4)or(-1,4)or(4,1) or(4,-1)?
Coordinates Math


translate (-3, -5) down 2 units

Coordinates Math Geometry Prealgebra


I'm stuck :( Can someone help me?

Which sequence of transformations will map figure Q onto figure Q′?Two congruent trapezoids figure Q and figure Q prime are drawn on a coordinate grid. Figure Q has vertices at (-9, 2), (-6, 4)... more
Coordinates Math Geometry Triangle


find the perimeter of triangle XYZ if X= (0,2) Y=(3,-2) Z=(-1,-2)


Find an equation of the parabola with focus at (-4,0) and with directrix x=3.

Express your answer in the form x=f(y)So, I got (y-0)^2=4(3.5)(x-(-1/2))I simplified it to be y^2=14(x+1/2) and I solved for x which gave me x=1/14y^2-1/2 still says its wrong! :((


How do coordinates represent solutions

How are the coordinates (x,y) used to represent a solution to f(x)=g(x) for different types of functions (radical, rational, quadratic, linear). In other words, how is the ordered pair (x,y) a... more


Coordinates to different functions

How are the coordinates (x,y) used to represent a solution to f(x)=g(x) for different types of functions (radical, rational, quadratic, linear). 
Coordinates Geometry Python Algorithm


How do I check if cartesian coordinates make up a rectangle efficiently?

The situation is as follows: - There are N arrays. - In each array (0..N-1) there are (x,y) tuples (cartesian coordinates) stored - The length of each array can be different I want to extract the... more
Coordinates Algebra 1 Algebra Graph


What are the coordinates of the x intercept of the line 3x - 4y = 12 ??

Show ur work pls. Need this ASAP
Coordinates Math Geometry


How to determine if a point is within a quadrilateral?

**Goal** I want to determine if a test point is within a defined quadrilateral. I'm probably going to implement the solution in Matlab so I only need pseudo-code. **Inputs** Corners of... more
Coordinates Geography Gis Image


Image interpolation from original earth coordinate matrix to a new earth coordinate matrix?

I have a geographical image covering a certain locations in New York State. Each pixels corresponds to a locations which its latitude and longitude can be obtained (Or you can say that each pixels... more
Coordinates Math Autocad C#


Generate identical Hashcodes for approximately-similar numbers?

I'm creating an application in C# 3.5 that uses the AutoCAD API to read a 2D AutoCAD drawing, make changes to the drawing using defined business logic, then adjust it back in AutoCAD. Due to the... more
Coordinates Algebra 2 Slopes


Find 3 coordinates of a line with a slope of 3/4


Find b for the parallel line

The equation of the line that passes through the point (−9,8)and is parallel to the line having the equation Ax+By=Cwith B≠0can be written in slope-intercept form as y=mx+b. Compute mand bin terms... more


can you help sloving this question

Polygon ABCD is defined by the points A(-4, 2), B(-2, 4), C(1, 3), and D(2, 2). Match the coordinates of the points of the transformed polygons to their correct values.


Determine the distance of the points KL given K (2,2) and L is on the x-axis with a distance of 7 units to the right from the y-axis

K(2,2) and L is on the x-axis with a distance of 7 units to the right from the y-axis
Coordinates Trigonometry Radius


A circle has a radius of square root of 45 units and is centered at (−2.4,−4.8). Write the equation of this circle.

There is a 2nd question with the exact same format.


Four years after a tree was planted it was 8ft tall. 8 years after it was planted it was 12ft tall. What is the growth rate of the tree? how tall when planted?

Please use y=mx+b and coordinates we are doing slope in algebra one
Coordinates Standard Form


what is standard form for the points (-9,11) and (3,-11)

I need to know the standard form for these two points.

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