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12 Answered Questions for the topic X And Y Intercept

X And Y Intercept Algebra 2


Sarah's paid amount before taxes

Sarah has a job working for Boeing constructing plane wings. She earns a Salary of $67,500.00 a year, with an overtime flat rate of $20.00 an hour. How much money did she make before taxes if she... more
X And Y Intercept


X and y intercepts

f(x)=e^x+1 +1
X And Y Intercept Slope Intercept Form Slopes


does y=-5 and x=1 have a slope or y intercept?

pls help me answer this question
X And Y Intercept Vertex Absolute Value Equation


Quadratic functions with absolute value

F(x)=-1/2|x-1|+4 please do the whole problem so I can understand each part!Find:(2) y-intercept(4) x-intercepts(1) Axis of Symmetry(2) Vertex
X And Y Intercept Vertex Axis Of Symmetry


Let f(x)=-1/2x^2-3x+5/2

Find:(1) y-intercept (4) x-intercepts (2) Axis of Symmetry (3) Vertex
X And Y Intercept Quadratic Equations Vertex


Let f(x)=-1/2x^2-3x+5/2

Find: 1. The y intercept 2. The x intercept 3. Axis on symmetry 4. Vertex
X And Y Intercept Math Slope Intercept Form


Analytical Geometry Questions (3 questions, I'm really struggling with this unit.)

FIRST QUESTION:   I've tried attempting this but I'm unsure of my answers. Can someone explain to me?   The question I am struggling with is asking me to determine which of the following lines... more
X And Y Intercept Math Graphing


y=4 x 2 +12x+9

a) If graph opens up or downb) Vertexc) Axis of symmetryd) x and y interceptse) Sketch a graph
X And Y Intercept


How to find the x and y intercepts?

3x+9y=18  thanks
X And Y Intercept Math Calculus


Consider the rational function...

Consider the rational function f(x) = x2-2x-3 / x3-3x2 .   a) Find all vertical and horizontal asymptotes of this rational function.   b) Find all x-intercepts and y-intercepts of the graph of... more
X And Y Intercept Graphing


what is the x intercept for 4x-2y=-5

Trying to figure out the y and x intercept for 4x-2y=-5
X And Y Intercept


Find the x-intercept and y intercept. 3y=4x-12

Find the x intercept and y intercept for each equation.  3y=4x-12

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