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Gregory R.

asked • 09/22/16

Calculus 2 Help Finding the Area of the Curve

1.) Sketch the region enclosed by the curves below.
2.) Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y.
3.) Find the area of the region.
2y=5sqrt(x), y=3, and 2y+1x=6

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Kenneth S. answered • 09/22/16

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Calculus will seem easy if you have the right tutor!

Gregory R.

Thanks but that's also wrong. I'm convinced that there is no correct answer.


Kenneth S.

Of course it's wrong...I see that I neglected to use the upper boundary y=3.
Your remark that there is no answer is wrong, too.
The problem must be done by expressing the integrand as 3 - (expression for the line) and integrating from 0 to 1. Then there's another part, that must have the integrand 3 - 2.5 sqrtx), integrated from 1 until the point where the two curves intersect, which you find by setting the integrand to zero, i.e. 3 = 2.5sqrt(x).
I believe this sets you onto the correct path.


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