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How do you do this?

An employment agency sells its services to companies for a fixed rate of $2,500 plus a commission of 42% of its sales. To cover the agency's expenses, it needs to earn at least $8,800 a month.Write... more

Geometry Graphing - Find missing coordinate when given length of line segment

Hello, I have been struggling with this particular question I feel like I know it I'm just fighting myself on which formula to use.   The questions state: Line segment AB is 2 to the square root... more

Graphing with exponents

I am given the following equation:   x2 + 3x > 4, D = {Reals}   I am told to graph. How do you solve this equation?

Where can I practice graphing a linear equation on a number line?

I need some practice with graphing linear equations on a number line? What are some good websites i can find practice online for free or worksheets to print.

how to multiply 3/2 (1)- 3

this is an algebra equation. i have to make a table

when graphing inequality equation on number line, when do you use () or []

-3 > x (-00, -3] or [-00, -3] or what the () and [] are confusing me.

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