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Linear Equations And Inequaties Graphing Linear Equations


Graphing Awkward decimals with Table of Values.

Hi! Looking for some help on how to graph a y=mx + b equation when the b is a decimal always.   The equation is 3y + 5 = 9x   I've converted it to the y= mx + b equation: y = 9x -5            ... more
Linear Equations And Inequaties


if x=2, find the value of q in the equation 3x-4=x+q

this is a linear equations and inequalities  
Linear Equations And Inequaties


How many tickets were sold that day?

At the movie theatre, child admission is $5.70 and adult admission is $9.30. On Friday, 168 tickets were sold for a total sales of $1220.40. How many child tickets were sold that day?
Linear Equations And Inequaties


The perimeter of a square painting is 260 centimeters. How long is each side?

I need help trying to figure out this word problem on aleks saying The perimeter of a square painting is 260 centimeters. How long is each side? However i really need help solving this question
Linear Equations And Inequaties


If a 4 × 16 rectangle has the same area as a square, what is the length of a side of the square?

the choices are 10 12 6 8   
Linear Equations And Inequaties


After Valerie is seated in the restaurant she realizes she only has $20.00. If she must pay 7% sales tax and wishes to leave a 15% tip on the total bill.

what is the maximum price of the lunch she can order
Linear Equations And Inequaties


linear equatiion and inequaties

my mother is 91 years old and 17 years young than twice my age . how old am I? my age is represented by n?

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