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What are the weights of the five boxes?

A shipping manager wants to determine the weight of five boxes. Each weighs a different integer amount less than 100 kg. Unfortunately, the only scales available measure weights greater than 100... more
Systems Calculus Algebra


How would I solve a system of equations that involve logs?

I'm encountering a problem with solving this system where I can't quite figure out what direction I should be going to start this off. Here are the equations. (logx)(logy) - 3log5y - log8x =... more


Math lab homework

A local business wants to donate $3000 in graduation scholarships. They are looking to split this amount into a math award and a science award, and want the math award to be worth  2 3  of the... more


What are the maximum & minimum values for f(x, y) = 3x - 2y using the given system of inequalities?

What are the maximum & minimum values for f(x, y) = 3x - 2y using the given system of inequalities?3x + 4y ≥ -82y - 5x ≥ -4y ≤ 4
Systems Functions Lines


Graphing a line given its slope and y-intercept.

slope: 8 y intercept: -8


Solve each system with substitution.

-4x + y =6-5x - y =21Please help us understand this for an 8th grade algebra class.


rate of the slower train and faster train

Two trains leave towns 744mi apart at the same time and travel toward each other. One train travels 10 /mih slower than the other. If they meet in 4 hours, what is the rate of each train?


the sum of two numbers is 47 and the difference is 15. What are the numbers?

 i need help solving for this problem because i am very confused on it
Systems Math Equations


(WORD PROBLEM) Solving Systems

A bicyclist heads east at 19 km/h. After she has traveled 22.5 kilometers, another cyclist sets out in the same direction going 28 km/h. About how long will it take the second cyclist to catch up... more
Systems Math


Solving Systems (Problem Solving)

(SOLVING SYSTEMS) the length of a rectangle is 5 times its width. The perimeter is 84. What system of equations can be solved to find its length and the width of the rectangle? And why?   I am... more


Writing a system of solutions

A library contains 2000 books. There are 3 times as many nonfiction books as fiction books. Write and solve a system of equations to determine the number of nonfiction and fiction books.


How would you convert 2x=12+2y to y=mx+b form?

Its a graphing problem


Sum of a larger number and twice of a smaller number is 87 . Find them if their difference is 36.

Hi, the question deals with systems of linear equations


Solve the following system

2x-3y+z=5     x+y+z=0   4x+2y+4z=4


Solve the following system

2x  +z=4   2x-y   =4    x+y-z=0


With a tailwind, a helicopter flies 300 miles in 1.5 hours. when the helicopter flies back, the trip takes 3 hours. Helicopter Speed? winds speed?

This is how I set up my system... but I can't solve it getting the right answer.   Let a= helicopter's speed and w=wind speed   1.5(a+w)=300 3(a-w)=300   I can't solve it. Please help. :)     more


interest in systems

You invest $7200 in two accounts paying 6% and 10% annual interest. At the end of the year the accounts earn the same interest. Set up a system and solve for how much was invested at each rate 


System of Equations word problem I can't figure out!!!!

A basketball player scored 40 points in a game. The number of three-point field goals the player made was 22 less than three times the number of free throws (each worth 1 point). Twice the number... more
Systems Algebra Linear


Find the inverse of the (common) coefficient matrix of the two systems.

Consider the following two systems -6x-y=2 2x-9y=3     -6x-y=3 2x-9y=2   Find the inverse of the (common) coefficient matrix of the two systems. A-1=?
Systems Math Algebra


How do you find the b in this: y=2x (For graphing)



X+y =4 2x+3y=9

Help? Systems.. 
Systems Math Algebra


are these two systems CONSISTENT or INCONSISTENT? y = 2x + 5-2x + y = -2

Consistent or inconsistent? y = 2x + 5-2x + y = -2

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