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Word for a sudden flow of ideas? Is 'brainwave' good enough?

Imagine you are thinking about a problem you need to solve, nothing's coming to mind, and all of a sudden you get a dozen different ideas at once. Is there a word that expresses this ***sudden flow... more

Your Mileage May Vary?

In the United States we have a saying, "your mileage may vary", which means "your experience may be different". In English-speaking countries that don't use Imperial miles, is there an equivalent... more


What is the French equivalent of "OMG"?

I know the French equivalent of "LOL" is "MDR", but what is the equivalent of "OMG"? Not as a surprise expression, but as an expression of frustration online. Is it "OMD" (Oh mon Dieu), or... more
Expressions Esl/esol Speech


Is the following ungrammatical expression common in speech?

> Don't be ashamed. It was cute, like a shy teenager. I'm not very sure if this is a grammatical mistake, but I think the correct version would look like this: > Don't be ashamed. It was... more
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What are the possible meanings of “quand même”?

Many times per day I hear the phrase “quand même”. I have looked it up and I know there are several possible translations, such as “even so”, “all the same”, “anyway”. What are other possible... more
Expressions French Pluriel Grammaire


Quand faut-il mettre un pluriel après un mot indiquant l'absence d'un élément ? — When to use plural after words that hint at a missing entity?

Quelle règle s'applique après un mot comme *sans*, *aucun*, ou une expression comme *pas un seul*, *il n'y a pas*, concernant le nombre du mot suivant ?Doit-on dire : - *une dictée sans faute*-... more
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should have instead of could have?

I've heard this on a crime documentary. Two intruders break into a house, a confrontation ensues with the residents (wife and husband). The couple manages to disarm one man and fight off the other.... more
Expressions Writing Writing Style


let you know a couple of facts OR bring couple of facts to your notice?

Which of the following is more appropriate / polite? I would like to bring a couple of facts (or things?) to your notice. OR I would like to let you know a couple of facts. Please advise.


Pourquoi trente-six?

Le nombre 36 apparaît dans plusieurs expressions :> Voir trente-six chandelles. (Être sonné, KO.)> Tous les trente-six du mois. (Jamais)> Il n'y a pas trente-six solutions. (Il y a une,... more
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How to translate “By the way”? — Comment traduire « By the way » ?

I want to translate a sentence that says something like “By the way, did you remember to get…?”So far I've seen two options: _au fait_ and _à propos_. Which one would be more appropriate for an... more
Expressions Calculus Evaluation


Suppose that the functions s and t are defined for all real numbers x as follows.

s(x)=x-4t(x)=4x2Write the expressions for (s-t)(x)=? and (s+t)(x)=? and evaluate (s•t)(-3)=?
Expressions Grammar Japanese


What's the difference between 「いけない」 and 「いかない」?

I've just learned that `~わけにはいけない` as in `断{ことわ}るわけにはいけない` ("I can't refuse") apparently isn't valid but `~わけにはいかない` is, even though I've been using the former frequently. But what is the... more
Expressions Writing Sentence


Quoting articles of laws(ex. usage of "stipulate", "specify")?

> Article 15 of the Korean Constitution states that “all citizens shall > enjoy the freedom of choice of occupation.” Compared to Article 12 of > the Basic Law, which comprises of three... more
Expressions Algebra 2



The length of a rectangular block is 3 times the length of a side of a cube. It’s width is x cm shorter than the length of a side of the cube. Show that x-6y=0 is the base areas of the cube and the... more
Expressions Math Elementary Math


The number of inches in a given number of feet,f.

i need to solve that with a expression. I must show what the variables mean to. I am in 6th and I really need help! My homework is due tomorrow!
Expressions French Latin Usage


Latin phrases - used in French too?

There are lots of latin phrases in common use in English. Is it suitable/appropriate/common to directly use them in French, exactly like I would for English? For the purposes of discussion lets... more


How to mention an attached file in an e-mail?

Let's assume somebody is asking me to send back a document by email, for example a CV.In English, while sending the attached file, I usually write: > Here you are.In French, can I write: >... more
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Usage of “du coup”?

I often come across the phrase *du coup* in the course of discussion with my French friends. What does it signify and when to use it? Some of them tend to add it in every other sentence, most often... more
Expressions French Usage


« Tout à coup » ou « Tout d'un coup » ?

Est-ce correct de dire *tout d'un coup* lorsqu'un évènement survient ?Ne devrait-on pas plutôt employer *tout à coup* ?
Expressions Reading Idiom Meaning


What does the expression 'you can shake a bunsen burner at' mean?

I am reading the following article https://www.oxford-royale.co.uk/articles/read-enhance-general-knowledge.html . In the first paragraph there's the following sentence:> You’ve memorised more... more


Term used when answering a question with a lowered tone?

Is there a term/phrase that can be used to describe the answering of a question with such a tone that would indicate that the answer isn't as all it seems? For example, if one person were to ask... more
Expressions Grammar Japanese


What does 窓という窓 mean?

What does 窓という窓 mean? I found it in this sentence in Harry Potter: > 木の扉に寄りかかってホグワーツを見上げると、窓という窓が夕日に照らされて赤くキラキラ輝いている。


Expression/word for reading a book quickly?

Is there an expression or word that describe the action of reading a book very quickly or enthusiastically?
Expressions Prealgebra Math 6


distributive property

Five friends each buy a shirt that costs x dollars and a pair of shoes that costs $24.00. write an expression to show how much total money they spent. then rewrite the expression using the... more
Expressions Prealgebra Math 6


distributive property

A baking company charges $1.75 per slice of cake for baking and $0.35 per slice for decorating. write an expression using the distributive property to determine the cost of the cake. how much would... more

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