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French for 'blood will tell'?

In English there is a (not very nice) saying 'blood will tell'; that means something to the effect of> If your ancestors had bad qualities (e.g. Bad personality) then you will probably also... more


What is the French equivalent of "OMG"?

I know the French equivalent of "LOL" is "MDR", but what is the equivalent of "OMG"? Not as a surprise expression, but as an expression of frustration online. Is it "OMD" (Oh mon Dieu), or... more


What are the possible meanings of “quand même”?

Many times per day I hear the phrase “quand même”. I have looked it up and I know there are several possible translations, such as “even so”, “all the same”, “anyway”. What are other possible... more


What does "Il faut manger moins de fromage que de pain" mean?

Yesterday one of my French colleagues said that "Il faut manger moins de fromage que de pain."I've been googling this French proverb but I couldn't find any deep meaning under this sentence; does... more


Comment traduire «upload»?

J'ai toujours eu de la difficulté avec ce mot. Partout où je cherche, je trouve *télécharger*, mais j'aimerais pouvoir faire la distinction entre *download* et *upload*. Il me semble que... more


How to translate “By the way”? — Comment traduire « By the way » ?

I want to translate a sentence that says something like “By the way, did you remember to get…?”So far I've seen two options: _au fait_ and _à propos_. Which one would be more appropriate for an... more


Which words introduced by the French Academy to replace loanwords from English have been successful?

I remember using the word "courriel" with a French acquaintance. They found it funny and said nobody uses it in French and that I should just say "email" like everybody else.I had read somewhere... more


«Tu fais un copier-coller» ou bien «Tu copies-colles»?

Dernièrement en essayant d'expliquer à mes parents comment faire un *copy/paste* sur leur PC, je me suis trouvé assez confus sur la façon d'exprimer cette notion.Bien sûr ils ne comprennent pas... more
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Does 'bon marché' have the same connotation of "low quality" as 'cheap' in English?

Somehow *bon marché* and *économique* sound positive to me, as some kind of praise. In English *cheap* has a connotation of *not good*. It can be used for an expensive thing but not well made. Am I... more

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