Asked • 07/01/19

Is there a phrase, word or saying when one 'has the thought or feeling of causing hurt of mischief" despite never dreaming of acting on it?

For example I was assisting my sister in photographing a wedding. We were taking pictures as the bride was getting ready and I noticed a ketchup bottle on the kitchen table and the following popped in my head **"you should totally spray her wedding dress with that ketchup"** or one time when I was on a fishing boat (in shark infested waters), the thought popped into my head of**"why not just knock that lady there in the ocean?"** I would obviously never do these things nor do I claim to having edgy or mischievous thoughts half the time or even ever but I can't recall any other examples for myself but when speaking of them to other people, very often someone will have similar experiences. A friend of mine confessed to having a thought (which still upsets her if she remembers it) She was walking behind her Grandmother while very young and holding a pair of scissors and she thought **"Why not stick those in her back?"** I may even be able to google this I just can't articulate it well enough to get the right search results. Someone in my office said the phrase of this may be something like **Hand of the Imp**? but I couldnt see anything Thanks!

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