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Answer each rational equation


Orthogonal trajectories

Find the orthogonal trajectories to the family of hyperbolas x2-y2=c

lower order differential equation

how to solve the differention equation 4d4-8d3-7d2+11d+6please tell me that how i will obtain the complete solution ofthis differention equation

Interpret the initial value problem

Interpret the initial value problem d2θ/dt2+ß2θ=0, θ(0)=θ0 , dθ/dt]t=0=ω0for any physical situation and hence solve the problem.

Solve the differential equations

Solve the differential equations: Xy'–y=ey'

Differential equations

A series RLC circuit with R = 6 ohm, C = 0.02 Farad and L = 0.1 has no applied voltage. Find the subsequent current in the circuit if the initial charge, on the capacitor is q° and the initial... more

This looks simple but can't figure it out


Word Problem - Applications of differentiation

A rectangular box with a square base and a cover is to have a volume of 10 m3. If the cost of the material for the top and base is $10 per square metre and the cost of the material for the sides is... more

Equation of question

Mr.Akika has 43 18-cent and 32-cent stamps all total. The stamps are worth $11.66. How many of each kind of stamp does he have?

Equations and sentences

The product of three and the sum of a number and two is zero

Equations from sentences

Two less than the quotient of a number and five is one

Make an equivalent ratio table for each class to represent its solution. Each table should show at least three equivalent ratios. Make sure to indicate which ratio table belongs to which class.

Two sixth grade science classes are making saltwater solutions. The first class (Class A) is using a ratio of three parts salt to five parts water. The other class (Class B) is using a ratio of two... more

Linear differential equation

t(dx/dt)-4x=t^6e^t, x(1)=0

Given two equation, find intersect point, enclosed area and need to sketch graph!

Determine each of the following.i. Sketch 𝑦1 and 𝑦2 in the same graph.ii. Shaded the area of the region bounded.iii. Find the intersection points.iv. Find the enclosed area.

Geometry equations

Write an equation for the following lines. Parallel to Y equals 2X -5 passing through (1,6)

Identify the critical points of the function. & Determine the intervals on which the function increases and decreases.

answer each of the following questions.i. Identify the critical points of the function.ii. Determine the intervals on which the function increases and decreases.

A soldier fires a warning shot straight up into the air with pistol. (Projectile Problem Differentation )

A soldier fires a warning shot straight up into the air with pistol. The height (in feet) after tseconds of the shot is given byi. Find the velocity as a function of time.ii. Find the acceleration... more

What is the next equation?

I need the answer to this equation. 3,-6,12,4,20,?

Arbitrary Constant Elimination

Show that y(sec x - tan x) = sec x - tan x + x + k is a general solution for the DE dy/dx + y sec x = tan x

What is the second derivative and the particular solution of this problem? (AP Calculus)

If dy/dx=x/y2:-Find d2y/dx2 (in terms of x & y) -Find the particular solution of the given differential equation that satisfies the initial condition y(0)=2.

Solve xdy/dx =(y-x)^3+y differential equation

It is of variable separable form
1 3 4 5 6 7 18

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