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Write an equation in slope intercept form for the line with slope 2/3 and y-intercept-9. then graph

Naisjshsisj ahens sjenjssj Shenandoah Jean 


Proportional relationship



11 minus what is 7

11minus what number is 7  


How much popcorn will 4 friend get if the equally share 2/3

How much popcorn will4 friends get if the equally share 2/3 of a bag of popc


Simple Interest question! Need answer

Andrew owes Nicola $500 in 3 months and $200 in 6 months both due with interest at 6%. Nicola accepts $300 now, how much will Andrew be required to pay at the end of 1 year, provided they agree to... more


Word equations

A tank is 5/12 full of water. it takes a further 30 litres to bring the tank up to half full, what is the capacity of the tank in litres? Please show working, Thank you. 


If 64 Oz will treat 12,500 gallons how many ounces do I need to treat 9400 gallons

Trying to figure out how many ounces of algaecide I need to put in a pool that holds 9440 gallons directions say that a 12,500 gallon pool would use 64 Oz.


Problem solving flowchart

$125 is to be divided among three restaurant servers.Angie made $30 more than Marie. Gwen, who went home sick, made $31 less than Marie. How much money should each server get?


Problem solving flowchart

The average depth of one sea is three times the depth of a second sea. The difference between the average depths is 1762 m. What is the average depth of the first and the second sea? Round your... more


Problem solving flowchart

One river is 2003 km longer than a second river. The sum of the lengths of these rivers is 11,539 km.What is the length of each river?Round to the nearst kilometer, if necessary.


Problem solving flowchart

For a recent year, the number of men in the senate totaled 6 more than 2 times the number of women.Find the number of men and the number of women in the senate given that the senate has 108 members.


How do you find the upper bound of an integral

12000-inte(0 to A) r(t)dt= 9000   r(t)= 600t/t+3 for 0 less than or equal to t less than or equal 5 r(t)= t>5 (Piecewise)  


how do you write this sentence as an equation

the quotient of 54 and three times 9 is equal to 2



How to prove that x+17=sqrt[10](x-4) have no solutions in the real numbers?


What is the answer to this question?

An equation is shown.4x+y=5Solve the equation for y in terms of x.A. y=5-4xB. 4x=5-yC. y = 5-x/4D. y = 5/4 x


Solve the following system of equations using Gaussian or Gauss-Jordan elimination.

5x+2y=-9 7x-9y=1


Refer to description

y=x2 -3x -2 y=x2+10x+25


The t-shirt company is charging $45 set-up fee. The class will make $5 profit from each shirt.

f(n) = 5n+45 f(n) = -5n+45 f(n) = 5n-45 f(n) = 45n-5 


How to solve for n in: A=((a)/(2R(n-1)^2)

how to solve for n here  


Subtraction Z from Y

Subtraction z from y


When 12 is subtract from 3 times a number the result is 24. Find the number

make equations       


if 3^x=2 then what is the value of (2x)/(6^(x+1))

i dont need to find out what x exuals i just need the value of the second equation
1 2 4 6 7 22

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