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Acceleration Physics Velocity Energy


Object speed at the end

The figure shows the height of the hill h=2.8 m. Distance BC length s=2.8 m. A piece with mass m=3 kg is discharged from rest to motion from point A. to point B and the , the speed between AB of... more
Acceleration Physics


How I find acceleration when know velocity and distance?

The car stops 50 m after steady braking. What was the speed of the car before the start of braking if the deceleration during braking was 4.4 m/s


an electric fan blade, finding angular speed and acceleration

An electric fan blade is rotating at a rate of 210 rev/min when it is subsequently switched off. The blade then takes 35.5 seconds to come to rest.A. What is the initial angular speed of the fan... more
Acceleration Physics


High school Physics Acceleration

A 50kg bobsled slides down an ice track starting (at zero initial speed) from the top of a 148m high hill. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Neglect friction and air resistance and... more
Acceleration Physics Magnitude Direction


(Physics) Magnitude and Direction

A string goes over a frictionless/massless pulley. At the end of each side of the rope are identical nuts of negligible mass. Two squirrels see the nuts at the same time and both lunge for the... more
Acceleration Math Calculus Tangent Line


Two Calculus Questions

the tangent line to the curve y=x2lnx is horizontal at x equal to : If the position function is f(x)=3cos(2t) then the acceleration function is :
Acceleration Math Calculus Velocity


Particle Calculus Question

1.a particle is moving, to the position function: s(t)=2sint-cos2ta) find the initial position of the particle b) find the velocity of the functionc)find initial velocity of particled) find... more
Acceleration Math Calculus Pre Calculus


Calculus Challenge Question URGENT!

I need to catch my flight. I’m at the airport and I’m running late. I need to make it 1000m to get to my gate. I have two choices. I can either run or take the moving sidewalk. The moving sidewalk... more
Acceleration Calculus Velocity Speed


A particle moves along a straight line. For 0 ≤ t ≤ 5, the position of the particle is given by – . s(t)=3t+4t^2-t^3.

A particle moves along a straight line. For 0 ≤ t ≤ 5, the position of the particle is given by – .s(t)=3t+4t^2-t^3. a) What is the average velocity of the particle over the interval 0 ≤ t ≤... more
Acceleration Physics Distance Velocity


1-D Kinematics of Particles

Particle 𝐴, which is initially at rest, wants to meet Particle 𝐵, however they are 𝑋𝑌𝑍 ft away from one another. The motion of particle 𝐴 heading toward 𝐵 is defined by the relation: 𝑠 = 1/𝑎2 where... more
Acceleration Physics Forces Ap Physics


The 100m dash can be run by the best sprinters in 10.0 s.

A 65 kg sprinter accelerates uniformly for the first 50m to reach top speed, which he maintains for the remaining 50 meters.a) What is the average horizontal component of force exerted on his feet... more
Acceleration Physics Conversion


if i drop a ball out of a window that is 5.00m above ground, how long will it take to hit the ground? what is the acceleration of a north moving truck slowing down?

what is the acceleration of a north moving truck slowing down?what is the direction of acceleration of an eastward moving sprinter speeding up?how fast is 337m/s in mph?
Acceleration Physics Forces Momentum


Small car colliding with large truck?

A small car collides with a large truck. Why do both vehicles experience the same magnitude of force? Wouldn't the large vehicle experience less force than the small one?


Why can't charged objects exert electrostatic forces on heavier objects?

We know that, for example, amber rubbed with fur attracts bits and pieces of straw, paper, Styrofoam, etc. which are all light objects. Why don't they attract heavier objects, likewise?
Acceleration Physics Forces Inertia


Bidirectional jerk motion on a stopping vehicle?

A stopping vehicle (say a car) has an apparent retardation (which may/may not be constant in magnitude) when force via brakes is applied. I travel by subway trains, and I noticed an odd... more
Acceleration Physics Velocity Kinematics


what is the initial speed of the ball when it is projected into the air

A small ball is projected vertically upwards from a height of 3 meters above the groundThe ball hits the ground 2 seconds laterIf air resistance is negligible and the acceleration due to gravity is... more
Acceleration Physics


What is the acceleration of the rocket?

A rocket is fired upwards, starting at rest, and accelerating at a constant rate. During the 15th 1 second interval, the rocket travels 600 meters. What is the acceleration of the rocket?Please... more
Acceleration Physical Science


A car traveling down the road to the east experiences a negative acceleration. Which item below is a possible outcome? (Select all that apply.)

1.The car slows down, comes to a stop for an instant, then the car begins to move backwards.2.The car speeds up.3.The car slows down.4.The car comes to a stop.
Acceleration Physical Science


At what speed (in mph) was the potato launched from the gun?

Acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.81 m/s2 (32 ft/s2) toward the center of the planet. A potato is launched straight up from a potato gun and rises for 3.4 seconds before beginning to fall... more
Acceleration Physical Science


What is the speed of the car after the braking?

A driver moving at 25 m/s applies his brakes for 1.5 seconds causing a deceleration of 2.3 m/s2. (Hint: deceleration is just negative acceleration; the sign is important to your calculation.)
Acceleration Physics Equations


The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Mars is 3.7 m/s^2. What is the acceleration due to gravity at a distance of 1 mars radius above the surface of Mars?

The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Mars is 3.7 m/s^2. What is the acceleration due to gravity at a distance of 1 mars radius above the surface of Mars?What equation should I use for... more

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