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Statistics question

A sample of n = 36 scores has a mean of M = 85 and a standard deviation of s = 24. What is the estimated standard error of the t-distribution of sample means (i.e., of the t-test for a single sample)? more

Farming Watermelon Statistics Question

What price do farmers get for their watermelon crops? In the third week of July, a random sample of 42 farming regions gave a sample mean of x = $6.88 per 100 pounds of watermelon. Assume that σ is... more

Mean and Percentage

5 million students appeared in an exam.The total marks of the exam were 9.0.Mean score of male candidates: 5.55/9.0Mean score of female candidates: 5.66/9.0How many students or what percentage of... more

Normal Distribution Question

Assume that x has a normal distribution with the specified mean and standard deviation. Find the indicated probability. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)μ = 4; σ = 2P(3 ≤ x ≤ 7) 

Math Question on scores

The scores on a test are normally distributed with a mean of 150 and a standard deviation of 30. Find the score that is 1 and one half standard deviations above the mean.

STA 2023 Standard Deviation

Please help! I am so lost!1425      1125      1128      5433      2242      2283 135        1172      1337      1802      2446      1507 2308      3838      2480      1526      2449      2170... more

When Finding standard Deviation do you use numbers in the data set that are zero?

I am doing a data report on a survey done on the number of hours students work per month. Some students do not work so their number was 0. I am finding the standard deviation for the data set and I... more

500 with a standard deviation of 150, on which exam did Carlita perform better?

Carlita scored a 32 on her math ACT and a 730 on her math SAT examinations. Given that the average math ACT score is 18 with a standard deviation of 6 and the math SAT score has an average score of... more

What were the original eight measurements collected using the mean and deviations?

Students collected eight length measurements for a mathematics lab. The mean measurements was 46.3 cm. and the deviations of seven individual measurements were 0.8 cm, -0.4 cm, 1.6 cm, -1.2 cm,... more

Standard deviation

If the common salary is 37,000 with a standard deviation of 4,000 would asalary of 32,500 be reasonabler

What is the variance and standard deviation of 77,96,87,81,62,90 and 84?

What is the variance and standar deviation?

Standard deviation and z-scores

Assume that the salaries of elementary teachers in the United States are approximately normally distributed with a mean of $32,000 and a standard deviation of $6,000. What is the approximate... more

Homework Help really struggling

Question 6    Which of the following is NOT TRUE concerning the graphic depiction ("the curve") of a distribution for means?Question options: A) The curve is skewed to the right.  B) The area under... more

Help me with this problem please

The average adult Indian Rhino weighs 4600 pounds with a standard deviation of 500 pounds. a) What percent of Indian Rhinos are more than 4000 pounds? b) Rhinos in the 80th percentile are called... more

standard deviation

whats the standard deviation of the data set below, Rounding your answer to three decimal places?2, 4, 6, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 18, 18

How do I determine the whole number of standard deviations that includes all data values?

The mean length of Beethoven’s nine symphonies is 37 minutes; the standard deviation is 12 minutes. The datavalues are the following minutes: 23, 30, 47, 35, 30, 40, 35, 22, and 65. Determine the... more

To find the Mean and Standard Deviation

Total amount of time (x, in minutes) spent commuting by the entire 240 residents of a housing area was recorded.   Given that total x = 10,980 and total ( x - µ )² = 23,191. Compute the mean and... more

About how many members are expected to be between 15 years old and 31 years old?

The ages of members of an online gaming group are normally distributed with a mean of 23 years and a standard deviation of 4 years.There are 300 members in the group.

What is the age of a movie attendee with a z-score of −1.2 ?

The ages of people in a movie theater are normally distributed with a mean of 32 years and a standard deviation of 6.2 years. (round to nearest tenth)

What is the z-score of 105? (round to nearest hundredth

A normal distribution has a mean of 102 and a standard deviation of 2.9.
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