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Problem solving questions PLEASE HELP ASAP

I have a test tomorrow and not sure how to solve this question, can you please help.12 people were walking home carrying a basket of fruit in each hand. If one half of the group did not have 2... more


Use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve defined by xy^3+2xy=60 at the point (5,2)

I would appreciate if all work is shown with detailed steps! Provide the answer to the slope of the tangent line to the curve at the given point is _____.


Find the slope of the tangent line to the curve defined by 9x^3+4xy−6y^2=1752 at the point (6,−4).

This is a derivative but I don't know how to do this question! I would appreciate if all work is shown with detailed steps! Provide the answer to the slope of the curve at the point (6,-4) is_____.


If sinx+cosx=sqrt(2)sin(x+Aπ), then the number 0<A=___________ <2

please provide all steps for the solution


How do I solve this problem regarding divisibility from my Math Challenge class?            

What remainder does the number (-50) leave after division by 7? The answer is 6. Why?


Express in terms of x: sin(2arctan(x))

PLEASE give clear steps! Thank You!If the answers ends up having square roots, can you simply it where it does not


2x – 2y = -4 and x + y = 8

System of equations:2x – 2y = -4 and x + y = 8Solve for x and y



For finding the principal value,in this question:Find the principal value of cot-1(-1/√3)The answer is cot(π-π/3) which is cot (2π/3)why is it not just -π/3?In a similar question, Find the... more


Calculus Math Problem

A ladder 13 meters long rests on horizontal ground and leans against a vertical wall. The foot of the ladder is pulled away from the wall at the rate of 0.5 m/sec. How fast is the top sliding down... more


Probability of Independent Events

A student ran out of time on a multiple choice exam and randomly guessed the answers for two problems. Each problem had 4 answer choices - a, b, c, d - and only one correct answer. What is the... more


if I'm getting 100% in the class, and get a 50% on my quiz, what does that average my grade to?

I have an A, and I got 21 out of 42 on a test. I'm scared I might fail, or get below a D or C, and I'm not really sure how to calculate it. Please help!


44 gal. Of gas gets 200 miles fixed engine now 80%gets same how far can he go now on 44 gal

 a car driver knows that he needs 44 gas gallons to cover a 200 miles . if the engine is adjusted and fixed he would only 80% of gas to cover same distance how many miles did he cover with 44... more


Problem solving

mr cheong saved $765 of his salary. he gave 1/6 of his salary to his wife and spent 5/11 of remainder on transport. he had 1/4 of salary left. how much was his salary for the month?


how many birds where there at first

A flock of birds left to go to Africa together. Half went astray in fog. One Eight are lost in a sandstorm. 6 are killed Finally 42 arrive safely to Africa.


Maria has a square garden with a side length of 5 2/3 meter .what would be the area of the garden

Help with the question please it hard 


Please, give an appropriate mathematical statement for the following problem

An open box is to be formed out of a rectangle piece of cardboard whose length is 12cm longer than its width. To form the box, a square of side 5 cm will be removed from each corner of the... more


One third of a number is twelve less than one half of the number

this is a hard question I need help 


Please help me some examples of these

Desired result                     Depends on 1.Car taking us home          Having enough gas in the car2.


I do not understand how to solve this problem.

Aliens with three heads, three arms and hands and three legs and feet, are visiting Earth. You observe how a group of 5 aliens greets each other. They seem to have to do everything in threes. A... more


There are 5,280 ft in a mile. How many feet are there in 7/11 mile?

Help please thank u


How much is left from his weekly allowance to put away from savings?

Miguel's weekly allowance is ¥500. Weekly, he spends ¥120 on food, ¥115 on transportation, and ¥130 on supplies. How much is left from his weekly allowance to put away from savings?
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