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Solve Equation


The quotient of a number and five

Solve Equation


distributive property with fractions

solve the problem4x/5 - x = x/10 - 9/2
Solve Equation


how to solve 4x+5=x

how to solve 4x+5=x
Solve Equation


f=((((1+r)^n)-1)/r)c. I can't solve this for r

f = c  (1+r)n -1 .           r   A description of the formula is here:   https://www.investopedia.com/walkthrough/corporate-finance/3/discounted-cash-flow/annuities.aspx   I'm trying to... more
Solve Equation


I’m not sure how to solve this problem

A scale model of an antique car uses a scale factor of 1:18. If the wheels on the model car have a diameter of 1.5 inches, what is the diameter of a wheel on the actual car? What is the length of... more
Solve Equation


A number increased by 7 is less than twice the number

Need help
Solve Equation


i worked this problem already but my teacher said im wrong.

A turbo-jet flies 50 mph faster than a super-prop plane. If a turbo-jet goes 2000 mi in 3 hr less time than it takes the super-prop to go 2800 mi, find the speed of each plane.


What is the slope of a line that runs parallel to y = 2 x + 5?

please and thank you
Solve Equation Math Help


A rectangular photograph has an area of 66 square inches. If the width of the photograph is 5 inches less than its​ height, find the dimensions of the photograp

 I do not understand how to find the width and length for the problem.
Solve Equation


Objest Velocity

If an object has a constant velocity of mach 5.0, how many seconds (X Sec) would it take to travel 225 feet?
Solve Equation Math



Inequations, Solve:     w / 6 + 2w + 5 / 3 > 4   / is the fraction line. i dont know how to approach this i might be doing something wrong  i keep getting w > 14/13also the answers... more
Solve Equation


24 is divided into two parts so that their product is128. Find the two parts.

working out please
Solve Equation


Solve the equation for 0≤ Θ< 2pi

2 tan Θ = 1+ tan2 Θ
Solve Equation



solve the equation for 0<0<360
Solve Equation


solve for c 19c+c^2+60=0

solve for c 19c+c^2+60=0
Solve Equation Algerbra Equation Maths


value of x when m=2 and k=4

i need to solve this maths equation if also u can solve this equation value of m when x=19 and k=5
Solve Equation Algebra 1 Equations


If x varies directly as y, and x = 8 when y = 24, what is the value of x when y = 6 ?

It is about algebra I think is an equation 
Solve Equation


What are the values of X, Y? 2X + 3Y = 9 X - Y = 4

Solve the following simultaneous equations. What are the values of X, Y?2X + 3Y = 9X - Y = 4
Solve Equation Solve Word Problem


the perimeter of a triangle is 117 cm. two sides are 31 cm and 48 cm. find the third side.

means so much to me that you guys help out kids like me or teens etc solve math equations or help with math in general. owe it to you guys.
Solve Equation Solve Word Problem


a number is divided by 8 and the quotient is -12. what is the number?

need help with this one too! please if you can help me. that would be a real help. like real help. thank you for all that you do!
Solve Equation Solve Word Problem


the sum of a number x and -34 is 17. what is the number?

like i said in the past. it just gave me this problem to solve. so can you please help me solve it?
Solve Equation Solve Word Problem


a boat traveled at an average speed of 14.4 km/hr for 3.5 hours. how far did the boat travel? use d=rt

i need help with this problem. so please can you just help me. i really don't know what to put in this description since all it says it what i have written above.


Solve each equation for the indicated variable.

(x/a)+(y/b)+(z/c)=1   for a.

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