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7th Grade Math Tax


Help Me Please!!

A customer pays $3.22 in tax for an item they bought at a 5.5% tax rate. How much was the original price of the item?


0/0<1/2, 0/0>1/2, 0/0 0/0=1/2

7th Grade Math


This my math practice i don´t really pay attention in class but i am getting better. i need hel understanding

Choose ALL that have  a POSITIVE answer.  (Hint there are 4.)a.   (-9)(-8)(-7)(6)(5)(-4)b.    c.  d. e.  f.  g. 
7th Grade Math Fractions


Fraction math Question

Bennett has been practicing the cello for an hour each day. 3/4of the hour, he spends practicing musical pieces in preparation for his upcoming orchestra concert. He spends the other 1/4of the hour... more
7th Grade Math


Multiply 4/17 by a fraction smaller than 1. Which of the following is correct?

A. The product is smaller than 4/16b. The product is greater than 4/17c. The product is the same as 4/17 d. We can’t compare the product to 4/17
7th Grade Mathematics


Two-step inequality word problems

Kim's softball team was playing in the championship game. When there were 4 innings left, the team was losing by a score of 17 to 6 points. In the last 4 innings, her team scored the same number of... more


Algebra 1 (Polynomials Question)

I don't understand this at all please help!So the four equations are : A: (2x+1)(x+5)B: (x^2+1)(x+5)C: (t+1)(t+5)D: x(x+5)And we have to answer: I think that expression ------ doesn't belong... more
7th Grade Math


The price of a technology stock was $9.56 yesterday. Today, the price rose to $9.67 Find the percentage increase. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

NEED HELP!!!!! If I don't get help then i'm going to FAIL... This is a HW question btw
7th Grade Math


A circle has a diameter of 24m. What is its circumference? use 3.14 for pie and do not round your answer. Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer

A circle has a diameter of 24m. What is its circumference? use 3.14 for pie and do not round your answer. Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer for this question need help
7th Grade Mathematics


How many gallons of paint would you need?

You are preparing to paint a grain silo. The silo is a 20-foot tall cylinder with a circumference of 147 feet. One gallon of paint covers 300 square feet. How much paint should you buy to cover all... more


Find: 2b+8's coefficient by factoring out.

Many people say its 2, but the website I'm solving it on says 2 is incorrect. Help?!?!?!


How much is Marie’s paycheck?

Marie Spent $75 of her paycheck on clothes. She then spent 2/5 of the remaining money on books. Next. She put half of the money that was left into her savings account and spent the remaining $60 on... more


Scale Drawings 7th grade math

Hello there, i am asking for help on a math problem that i dont fully understand. I am not asking for the answer of course, but i am asking for help on finding out the formula to this and the steps... more

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