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Write the equation in Ax+By=C

M=-3, (-5,-8) what is this in Ax+By=C form


Solve the following logarithmic equation

2log(base 3)(x-4)+log(base 3)3=3


J is 25 more than 3

Write and equation to represent the following statement j is 25more than 3


I need help on a stoichiometry

    How many moles of iron metal are produced when 3.2 mol iron (III) oxide and 2.3 mol carbon monoxide react?       Fe2O3  + 3CO ---->  2Fe + 3CO2 


I need help on a stoichiometry

5.    If a student decomposes 58.498 grams of aluminum carbonate and she collects the gas and measures 27.68 grams of carbon dioxide, determine the percent yield for this... more


please help struggling with Math 115 Word problem

Jason just retired, and has $710,000 to invest. A very safe Certificate of Deposit (CD) account pays 1%, while a riskier bond fund pays 7.5% in interest. Jason figures he needs $14,000 a year in... more


equation of a hyperbola

Precalculus Question:Two radar sites are tracking an airplane that is flying on a hyperbolic path. The first radar site is located at (0,0), and shows the airplane to be 200 meters away at a... more


Kinematics - Using equations

A bicycle travelling at 5ms^-1 undergoes uniform acceleration and travels a distance of 600m in 20s.Calculate:a) accelerationb) velocity at the end of 20s


What are the solutions to the equation?

What are the solutions to the equation: 4x^2*y^2+z^4+sqrt(3x^2*y-6x^2)+16=7z^2+4xyz


Trigonometric equation (URGENT!!)

a)sin(5x)-cos(5x)=0 b)sen(x)+cos(x)=1 c)sqrt2*sin(x)/2+ sqrt2*cos(x)/2=-1/2 pls its a hurry and pls explain step by step. pls use cos,sin and tan if needed. 0 following


Algebra and Trigonometry

a ceramic tile designer has some odd lots of tiles in boxes. a particular box contains square, pentagon and hexagonal tiles. altogether there are 100 tiles. there are 20 more pentagonal tiles than... more


write the equation of the parabola

that passes through (0,-24) and has a vertex of (-6,-12)


Need an equation

It costs $4.25 per game at the bowling alley, plus $1.90 to rent shoes. If I have $20, how many games can I bowl?


Seven more than the product of a number and 9 is 3

Translate the sentence into an equation


Please help me solve this

Please help me solve this equation (7a+8b-3)+(-18a-6b+8)


13x+26=91 word problem to represent 13x+26=91 equation

Amorning to represent that


mystery function

How does one find an equation for data given a set of ordered pairs (the function is not linear)?My series begins: (1,1), (2,5), (3,14), (4, 30), (5, 55), (6,91). I am curious about the answer but... more
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