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Computer Science - Graphs

I've been given an adjacency matrix and asked to state whether the corresponding graph is undirected or not.How do we say whether a graph is undirected or not simply looking at its adjacency matrix.
Software Engineering Computer Engineering


Software Requirement Specification

What are the best 10 functional and 10 nonfunctional requirements for a global chat service?
Software Engineering Computer C++ Computer Programming


C++ Programming Homework Due Tonight :(

I'm pretty sure this assignment is really easy but I haven't learned anything in the class. Basically he wants us to rewrite part of a program as a module. #include <iostream> using... more


java program a mp3 catalogue

Hi! i am new to programming and especially to Java. I have been given a task o complete which is to program a mp3 catalogue. An example could be like itunes where the songs are listed and could be... more

How to calculate the CPU Efficiency for FCFS, SJF, Priority and RR?

I am working on CPU Scheduling and I have to calculate the CPU efficiency for each algorithm i.e. First Come Fist Serve, Shortest Job First, Priority and Round Robin. How can I do this?

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