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Need help trying with nested list problem

HI! I have a list of lists, and within the nested lists are tuples (representative of (x,y) coordinates). I want the nested lists to represent a bin.list_of_list = [[(2,1),(4,2),(3,1)],... more


Python: First Fit Algorithm

I'm trying to create a First Fit Algorithm. The approach I'm taking is creating a list of empty lists, which are representative of the bins, where they will then be filled by certain area values... more
Coding Programming


LAB: Warm up: Variables, input, and type conversion. I cannot solve this LAB can someone please help me

(1) Prompt the user to input an integer between 32 and 126, a float, a character, and a string, storing each into separate variables. Then, output those four values on a single line separated by a... more

Java code needed

Java code needed! someone please help me with this code!Write a program whose input is a character and a string, and whose output indicates the number of times the character appears in the string.... more

need help with python project

this is all my professor gave me and I don't know what to do Write a class called Counter. The class has the variables: self.count - Keeps track of the current count. self.initial_count -... more

Recursion and Stack Overflow Question

Recursion uses something called the “call stack” where recursive calls to functions are stacked. Explain this using a specific example. When might there be a stack overflow?
Coding Python


Python "Mad Libs "

create "Mad Libs" with Python.First, you must find out the age of the user.If the user is less than 6, they cannot play.Based on their age, they will play one of these 3 types of Mad Libs:age 6-12... more


Using R script functions generate random samples and calculate sample means. Be sure to solve all 3 parts of this problem.

Please show the R script coding/steps to solve this. Please do all 3 parts of this question!!! Thanks in advance!!! :)Assume that we have a normal population with a mean of 10 and a variance of 22,... more


Solve using R Script to compute a 90% confidence interval for the difference between the average running times of films produced by the two companies

Please solve using R Script and show all coding/steps. Thanks in advance!The following data represent the running times of films produced by two motion-picture companies.There are 2 companies, A and... more


Using R Script please show the coding/steps to find the 95% confidence interval for the mean change in percent return to investors.

Thanks in advance!!! Please show all work/ coding in R Script, so I can try to understand how to solve problems like this later on.Fortune magazine (March 1997) reported the total returns to... more
Coding Python


How Can I Add a Receipt?

Hello I'm working on an assignment and I want to figure out how I would be able to save which items the user chooses and how many times he chooses that item so I can form a receipt. This is what I... more


Computer Science I- Programming

I need help to prompt the user to enter a filename in write mode using this input(Enter an output filename (or press enter to quit): )
Coding Python


Optimize my code by converting Recursion to Iteration or any other method

Question: Given the graph where vertices represent worksites and edges represent pairs of sites that must be able to communicate securely. what are the fewest worksites that can have the... more
Coding Python


creating a student and grade database in python

I have an project to make a student and grade data base that you can,add students to: enter name , age and addresssearch for students: by nameadd assignments; add the name of the assignment and it... more


How should I create this file?

Create a class called Blobber inside of a file called blobber.py. Your Blobber class should have the following properties: A private float data field called radius A private float data field called... more


What should I fill in to the spots that I am supposed to fill in?

Use the provided code file to complete the task to match the video. Use the starter code provided. Note that the class is defined in the same file as the main function. This is for convenience and... more

What does each line of code does? For example: static private float Median(float[] array) //method heading for the Median method

static private float Median(float[] array)  { float[] tempArray = array; int count = tempArray.Length; Array.Sort(tempArray); float medianValue = 0; if (count % 2 == 0) { float... more

Please help me plug in the median method into my code. I have the method in the public class program. it is static private.but don't know how to print/output. it in the main.

using System;using System.Linq;public class Program{ static private float Median(float[] array) { float[] tempArray = array; int count = tempArray.Length; Array.Sort(tempArray); float... more


Redirect to other page if there are no parameters in url, otherwise stay at current page.

I need to redirect from my website if there are no parameters in the url with javascript, html. (redirect with html,js)For example, if a page on my site was example.com/page and if there were... more
Coding Python


Divide by X HW Zyboo

Write a program using integers userNum and x as input, and output userNum divided by x four times.Ex: If the input is: 2000 2 Then the output is:1000 500 250 125Note: In Python 3, integer division... more

Matrix Multiplication in C programming

Given an n x k matrix A and an k x m matrix B, with 1≤n,m,k≤300, write a C program that computes the matrix product C=AB. All entries in matrices A and B are integers with abolute value less than... more


Python Code- Beginner

I need help with this sample output line and how to code it thank you and only using capital letters no lowercase and no numbers.User InputEnter your plan letter (A, B, or C):


I have a coding question

How do you capitalize the first character of each word in a string in an array?Explain with a simple example please?Thanks

Help me with this please

Write a static void method that will take accept an int array as a parameter and will count the number of times the numbers, 0-9, appear in the array, which can just be print statements

Python Lists (User Input with all integers)

Hello! I designed this code that takes in user input and creates a list and then outputs the sum, highest number, lowest number, and average. Right now it can only take in whole numbers but I was... more

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