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Organelle Speed Dating

I’m trying to make a dating profile for the nucleolus, but I’m falling short in ideas. Could someone please give me something about where I can find this organelle, functions to keep the cell alive... more

Transport Mechanism

How will a person know if the transport mechanism in the cell throughout our body is starting not working?

Intracellular signaling pathways that are participating in protein sorting and membrane traffic

Hi!I am studying biotechnology. Now I'm doing a course of Molecular biology of the Cell, and one of my tasks is to write an essay about "Intracellular signaling pathways". This essay topic is very... more

cell proliferation and cell differentiation

Explain the relationship between cell proliferation and cell differentiation. What is dedifferentiation? Please give an example ofdedifferentiation issue in cell culture... more


Does increased physical activity increase the rate of cell division?

Ever since learning that the shortening of telomeres is linked to aging I've tried to figure out what causes cells to divide, and if it's possible to slow down the rate of cell division through... more


Do changes in an organism's cell modify the genetic information it uses for reproduction?

What I'm actually interested about is whether a modification in one cell during the life of an **asexually** reproducing organism affects its genetic information? Which cell's genetic information... more

Concentration dependent cellular processes?

Are there any famous biological processes that depend strongly on a chemical concentration reaching a particular value, like some sort of switch? E.g. if concentration of chemical x reaches... more
Cell Anatomy


What determines the size and shape of a cell?

What determines the size and shape of a cell? They differ at different tissues / organs/ species

Do cell membranes have more phospholipids in one layer than in the other?

Assuming the cell membrane to have a spherical shape, geometry tells us that the area of the inner leaflet is smaller than the area of the outer due to the difference in radius between them. Does... more

Procedure for doing western blot?

I am writing a step by step guide for doing a western blot for a class. It is intended for any one with basic Biology lab skills. I am hoping people will review my draft and give feedback on how... more


What's the difference between naive and memory B cells?

I understand that when naive B cells are exposed to antigens, they become memory B cells, but what is the functional difference between the two? I've looked at the quite a few article on B cells,... more


Why do cells vary in shape and function when they have the same genome and the same organelles?

Why do cells vary in shape and function when they have the same genome and the same organelles. For example: why do all cells have nuclei but red blood cell's don't; why can't the cells of a eye... more


A cytoplasm is packed with rer,Golgi complex and mitochondria.

A cytoplasm is packed with rer,Golgi complex and mitochondria. What activities might this cell concentrate on? Why would large numbers of mitochondria be required for these activities?

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