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Having trouble solving

The difference between two numbers is 72. Twice the smaller increased by the larger is 54. Determine the numbers

Why did the Capulets and Montague's despise each other so much?

I am doing work on Romeo and Juliet and I can't find the reason as to why the Capulets and Montagues have a deep hatred for each other. It would help me understand the story more if I knew the true... more


What’s your favorite subject to learn?

What’s your favorite subject? Why is this your favorite subject to learn?

Can i study m.sc in aeronotics after b.sc in Physics?

Currently I am studying b.sc in physics which doesn't include any course over aeronotics or aeronotical engineering but iam very much egar to study aeronotics,so i want to study aeronotics in... more


Help Please. I am stuck

Can you please tell me which equation is a polynomial. There is more than 1.   x4+x^3 √7+2x^2−3√/2x+π   x4+5/x3−√x+8   x3−4x−3   |x|2+4x√−2−x5+7x−12x2+9   4/x2−4x+3     Thank you, I... more

Due SOON.. Thank you

2. Graph 4x + y = 6x - 1 . Show your work and explain the method used to determine the graph. Graphs the equation using the correct slope and y-intercept. Correctly explains the method used to... more


Algebra 2 - Sample Size

Of 1000 patients currently admitted at Bey Area Hospital, 300 participate in a survey. The patients are asked whether they are, or are not, satisfied with the quality of care they receive from... more


Average of 24,14 and 22

hi, please help me. I'm studying for a test but I don't know what this means. And I can't find a decent website that will show me the answer. please show me what is the average of 24,14 and 22 ;(


How does Information Technology help in spreading information

Hello I am from Pakistan chiniot please help me to provide quotation and answer thanks for information  

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