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Coffee Cup Calorimetry

When 0.876 g of CaCl2(110.98 g/mol) is added to 95.0 gof water at 22.4°C in a ‘coffee-cup’ calorimeter, the temperature of the resulting solution increases to 29.7°C. The specific heat capacityof... more


What can be the answer

Q.1 choose correct optiona) Only heat can cross the boundary of control surface.b) Heat and Work can cross the boundary of control surface.c) Mass as well as heat and work can cross the boundary of... more


What is conduction or diffusion?


What is a thermocouple?


What is a thermoelectric cooler?


What causes heat transfer?


What is advection?


What are the types of heat transfer?


What is convection?


What type of heat transfer is a microwave?


What is thermal radiation?


What type of heat transfer is boiling water?


What is the Rayleigh number?


What type of heat transfer is baking?


What is a heat engine?


How are cell death like apoptosis and entropy related?

In [Perspectives on Statistical Thermodynamics, Yoshitsugu... more


What is an irreversible reaction?

There are reactions with large Delta G negative values. Why these reactions are irreversible? As in: out of 10 steps of Glycolysis, 3 are irreversible steps. I need an explanation for why they are... more


What is entropy and why do we care?


How does water buffer a sudden drop in temperature?

A property of water is that it is slow to heat and cool. According to my biology book, some energy from an increase in temperature would spent breaking hydrogen bonds, so that temperature does not... more


Why don't membrane proteins move?

I understand that based on their tertiary structure, intrinsic proteins have hydrophobic non-polar R-groups on their surface and that they 'interact with the hydrophobic core of the cell membrane... more


thermodynamics question

400 g of air at 20°C is contained in a closed cylinder fitted with a piston The piston is allowed to expand, so that it moves with a mean force of 120N over a distance of 30mm. If the temperature... more


Mathematical modelling

A cup of coffee at Co90 is kept in a room at Co25 . Two minutes later, the temperature of the coffee is Co75 . When will the temperature of the coffee reach Co50 ?


Need help with my question in chemistry

Calculate the ΔH of 200ml 1M HI acid mixed with 100ml 2M KOH solution?ΔHf KI/H2O= -57.5 KJ/Moleanswers:a - 11.5 KJb - 10.5 KJc - 12.5 KJd - 9.5 KJThanks.


Gravimetric and Volumetric Energy Density of a Battery

I have a thermodynamics homework question: "A common D size nickel metal hydride battery will supply 10,000 mAh of charge. What are the gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of this battery?"
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