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Thermodynamics Chemistry Thermochemistry


Thermochemistry Problem

When 125 mL of 0.220 M NaCl(aq) and 125 mL of 0.220 M AgNO3(aq), both at 21.6°C, are mixed in a coffee cup calorimeter, the temperature of the mixture increases to 24.3°C as solid AgCl... more
Thermodynamics Microbiology Cello


Does living cells defy the 2​ law of thermodynamics?

Synthesis of protein molecules from the amino acids reduces randomness inside the cells. Does living cells defy the 2​ law of thermodynamics?
Thermodynamics Chemistry Ap Chemistry


Thermochemistry practice problem

A 5.00-g sample of aluminum pellets (specific heat capacity "0.89 J/'C ! g) and a 10.00-g sample of iron pellets (specific heatcapacity " 0.45 J/'C ! g) are heated to 100.0'C. The mixtureof hot... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Specific Heat and Calorimetry questions

Need some help with these questions for online schooling, and don't know what formula to use or how to do the questions in general. Any assistance is appreciated, thanks in advance.1.      A... more


Hi, I need help on part e. I don't understand how to do it

Determine the following of the complete combustion of pentane (C5H12):a) What is the balanced chemical equation?b) What is the air-fuel ratio for the equation in part a?c) What is the balanced... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Cooling/Heating Pad Chemistry Question

Hi I need help with someone to check if I have solved the following correctly :) Thanks in advanceQuestionAn cooling pad or heating pad in "pocket format" can conceivably consist of a plastic bag... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Enthalpy of solution calculation (final one)

Hi!I have calculated the enthalpy of solution for anhydrous copper sulfate but I dont know if I did it right or wrong. The values needed to calculate have been given to me from a random student who... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Calculation enthalpy of solution

Hi!I have calculated the enthalpy of solution for hydrous copper sulfate but I dont know if I did it right or wrong. Can someone please check for me?Calculations for solution of CuSO4 * 5... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Enthalpy of solution for copper sulfate

Hi!I have calculated enthalpy of solution for hydrated copper sulfate and anhydrous copper sulfate, but the value for the hydrated copper sulfate differs from the value from anhydrous copper... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Heat of solution

Hi!I will mix a salt with room-temperature water and 8 degree Celsius water. Then I will compare the heat of solution with each other. Does the temperature of the water from beginning affect how... more


Specific Heat Capacity

A 2KG block of copper at 100 degrees Celsius is put in a 5L pot of water at 20 degrees. Assuming no energy is lost to the surrounding environment, what is the final temperature of the mixture?
Thermodynamics Chemistry Hess's Law


Hess's Law, enthalpy,entropy,Gibbs free energy change Problem.

For the following unbalanaced reaction at 25°CPbCO3(s)-->PbO(s)+CO2(g)Calculate the standard enthalpy change, change in H° for the reactionCcalculate the standard entropy change, change in S°... more
Thermodynamics Physics


Thermodynamics problem

Ice of x°C temperature is put into a cylinder of height H=30 сm. Then water (t1=10°C) is poured by the volume of ice. After the thermal equilibrium joint height increased by h=1 сm and became equal... more
Thermodynamics Physics


Physics thermodynamics

How much the temperature of glass of water will rise after 2100 J heat. Volume of the glass is 250 cm^3? From what height should 1 l of water fall for its temperature to increase 1 degree celsius.... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry Ap Chem


colligative properties

OS Chapter 11 Items9. Calculate the freezing point of a solution of 400.0 g of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) dissolved in 600.0 g of water. A) 80.0°C B) -5.5°C C) 20.0°C D) -20.0°C E) 5.5°C Kf =... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


What's the concentration of low partial pressure oxygen (0.1 MPa O2 partial pressure ) in subcritical water (8 MPa total pressure) from 50°C to 250°C?

In a closed system, we pressurize and heat up the autoclave half filled with water to 8MPa with 99% CO2 and 1% O2, I wonder how much O2 is dissolved in water at different temperatures in a range... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Change in internal energy calculation

What is the change in internal energy, ΔE, when 1.57 moles of a diatomic ideal gas is heated from 89°C to 306°C? How would the value be different if the ideal gas was monatomic?
Thermodynamics Chemistry Physics


Thermodynamics and Integral? I think I was approaching it wrong, and I don't know where to begin.

I started using the idea that delta U = W because it is adiabatic for the first expansion. I was told by a peer to use w = integral of PdV equation, but someone else also suggested that W=nCdeltaT... more
Thermodynamics Frequency Waves


Frequency and wavelengths

WEGT( Hank-FM) operates at a radio frequency of 99.9MHz a) what is the wavelength of this radiation (hint:1MHz= 10^6Hz)b) What is the energy of the radio frequency in the problem above in kJ?
Thermodynamics Chemistry



What is the change in temperature when 3.00 grams of ammonium nitrate is dissolved in 100 mL of water? -2.29  oCGiven the change in the temperature from adding 3.00 grams of ammonium nitrate to... more
Thermodynamics Chemistry


Coffee Cup Calorimetry

When 0.876 g of CaCl2(110.98 g/mol) is added to 95.0 gof water at 22.4°C in a ‘coffee-cup’ calorimeter, the temperature of the resulting solution increases to 29.7°C. The specific heat capacityof... more
Thermodynamics Physics


What can be the answer

Q.1 choose correct optiona) Only heat can cross the boundary of control surface.b) Heat and Work can cross the boundary of control surface.c) Mass as well as heat and work can cross the boundary of... more
Thermodynamics Physics Heat Transfer


What is conduction or diffusion?

Thermodynamics Physics Heat Transfer


What is a thermocouple?

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