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Footer not appearing in powerpoint

I have tried a lot of times to apply footer for my Powerpoint slides. I even tried to use slide Master to apply the footer but the footer only appears in Slide Master but not the powerpoint... more


Need help with someone who can help me create Truth Table with this Circuit

Hi I need help with my logic circuits, can you view the link https://ibb.co/PYbTcn8 for the picture of the logic circuit I made and help me create a completed Truth Table? Thank you!
Computing Engineering


Design a logic circuit

Design a logic circuit to multiply two, 2-bit binary numbers together that produce a 4-bit result Y3Y2Y1Y0 . The numbers are represented by expressions A1A0 and B1B0 (A1 and B1 represent the Most... more


Can x^4 be an upper bound for x^7 for a given constant, k ?

If k can be a constant so that: k•(x4) ≤ x7It would have to be for all n values (n being real values greater than zero)


Concatenate vs. "merge" vs. "join" in scientific text?

I wonder what the difference is between *concatenate*, *merge* and *join* from the lexical point of view. These words are often used in scientific or programming text. It seems to me that... more
Computing Reading Acronyms


How to read "BSON"?

BSON is a particular data format used in web development, derived from the JSON format. JSON is pronounced "jay-son" as the Greek hero, and given the tendendcy the scientific community has to have... more

how can a ploughed field be compared to digital data?

i read a story about a man who went on to develop digital technology was inspired by looking at a ploughed field from a plane. Can you explain the link between the two further and do you know who... more

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