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Why is it important to document the lines of a batch program and how might you do that and why should you?

please I need some help with java code

inheritance 1. Write a program represent the following class hierarchy 1.1. Person class a) which contain the following attributes: - Name Address .Gender -DateOfBirth b) And contain the following... more

How to download videos from Osmosis.org?

I'm trying to download videos which the stream online on Osmosis.org, but the problem is the videos are segmented as .TS files and there's no .m3u8 playlist in developer tool (these were... more

How to design a network from an office floorplan?

You will be given a floorplan of an office. Using this floorplan, design a wireless network for the office. Pay special attention to placement of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and include the... more

Need help with network science please

Consider the following undirected graph (draw a picture) with vertex set V={1,2,3,4,5} and edge set E={(1,2),(1,5),(2,3),(3,4),(4,5)}. What is the average path length i.e. the average shortest path... more

Why does my WIFI keep turning off / disconnecting by itself?

i don't know whether its a adapter problem or my router problem but i keep on disconnecting from my wifi, when i try to reconnect it shows that all the WIFI signals have no signal whats so ever and... more

Question about networks

1.    What      is          the       number            of          hosts  in          a  /14      network?... more

(sc2.tkm.co.in) is not responding

My Computer Appears to be correctly Configured.but device or resource(sc2.tkm.co.in) is not responding

Computer slow internet

Hi there,We have issue with the assets, getting slow internet access, we have connected another asset at the same network port so we didn't got any issue with the network, we have many assets in... more

Question about DDoS...

Hey,I am learning about DDoS attacks and all that kind of stuff, so I've started to gain more questions then answers.This is about UDP TCP layer. Why closed port cannot be attacked? Why filtered... more

Why is the fourth IPv6 address invalid?

Q) Which of the following IPv6 addresses is invalid? 21E5:69AA:FFFF:1:E100:B691:1285:F56E :: 59FB::1005:CC57:6571 56FE::2159:5BBC::6594 [Q2bi 9608/11 Oct/Nov 2018] According to the... more

Do network adapters read incoming bits in a single stream?

When a Gigabit network adapter is receiving data, how is it receiving the bits? Is it seeing it all in one stream of 0's and 1's? Or is there somehow multiple streams of 0's and 1's coming in at... more

What does 'parent interface' mean with respect to VLANs?

I'm trying to learn about VLANs by configuring a router with PFsense installed. Reading the documentation I came across the following sentence: The following example shows how to configure two... more

How do I become a network security engineer?

Is there currently a formula for calculating the network ID when you know the amount of networks used?

**edit: I wanted to mention the reason I am asking is because I have scoured the internet to find a formula similar** I figured a formula and wanted to know if such a formula is was already in... more

What are the basics of network security?

what is leasing an ipv4 block?

When you lease an ipv4 block what do you actually get? How do you get access to the ip adresses? Is any special equipment required or is it as simple as renting a server?

How to check the network performance for smooth transferring of huge data?

We have cisco network setup and we often find that we are having issues while transferring huge amount of data between our database, Is it possible to check the network performance and any latency... more

Error control in Transport Layer vs Data Link Layer?

I understand that under the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, error control, flow control and other such services are provided by both, the Transport Layer and the Data Link Layer. My doubt is specific to... more

How to secure an aging PC from the switch/router side?

I have an aging Windows XP PC whose purpose is to feed code to a manufacturing machine via a RS-232 connection using machine-specific software. The PC needs to retrieve its code from a network file... more

what is a networking protocol?

i just want to start by saying that I classify my self as a beginner in networking and my only hope is to become very good as you are,so i was reading this book and i didn't understand the term... more

how can I make a career in network security?

Accessing computers from different subnets with Dell Layer 2 switches possible?

I have two separate networks, a 192.168.20.x and a 192.168.80.x each on their own Dell X1026 Switch in Layer 2 mode. I would like the ability to access shares, ping, etc from computers on the .20.x... more

Handling incoming packets immediately or queuing them?

I'm using Golang to write a game server. I was wondering what the advantages of queuing the incoming packets for processing over processing them immediately. For example (processing immediately)... more

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