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A software for file(exe) binding?

Can you recommend a powerful file binder(joiner) for windows? I need to attach a program(exe) to a host program so they can run together.

Action-adventure game for learning to use a gamepad?

I am trying to teach my fiance to play action-adventure cooperative games. I started with *Rayman Origins* and *Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light*, but they both require some experience handling... more

A software to monitor GPU temperature changes?

It happens quite often that while playing heavy games, my laptop shuts off due to GPU overheat. I need a software that does the following: - Records GPU temperature - When the temperature... more

What is a screen recorder with mouse movement and can save the recording as video?

I'm looking for screen recording software that supports: - dynamic zooming of the page - captures mouse movements - allows captions to be overlaid - stop/continue recording - sound recording ... more

Windows HTML/CSS editor that has live preview?

What is the best text editor for HTML/CSS that has **live preview**? I use Sublime Text 3, but v3 has no live preview plug-in yet.

Windows Application for broadcasting the screen through the local network?

I am going to teach a group of 5 people. I want to broadcast my screen to other users(students). What software you can suggest for this purpose? - Paid/Free: it does not matter - Requirement: it... more

Windows software for custom shortcut keys?

I would like a software which allow me to create custom shortcut key like: - Shortcut to my Dropbox folder - Shortcut to open my text editor - Shortcut to write my usual password (bad idea I... more

Which Windows edition to choose for re-distribution as part of a virtual machine?

I have developed a server application which is hosted by an IIS 7.5 running on Windows. Aside from a web frontend the application also provides a SOAP and a REST API. Clients will only interact... more

WD My Passport Backup Software for Windows?

I just recently got a portable hard drive for backups, and in starting to use the software that WD includes I have gotten annoyed by the lack of information that it gives. All it tells you is the... more

What software exists that can sync between two Windows PCs over LAN?

What software exists that can sync a specific directory between two Windows PCs over LAN and LAN only (i.e no cloud access requirements like dropbox)? Features I am looking for: - Easy setup (GUI... more

Webcam recording software for Windows?

Can anyone recommend software that will allow you to record video from a webcam? ***Requirements:*** - Windows 7 compatible - Saves the video in a common video format, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4,... more

My new computer has been on the “Your PC ran into a problem” screen for about 2 hours

My new Alienware 17 computer has crashed and been like this for several times but never for this long, I’m scared it will malfunction if I shut it down myself. Help!

What software solution can I use (on Windows 10) to keep all my non-Microsoft software up to date?

In other words, is there a Windows 10 equivalent to apt-get / rpm / brew? Preferably cheap or free, and available for use in my business? The more software packages it supports, the better.... more

Windows 7: Uninstall multiple programs?

I am looking for a program that can automatically uninstall multiple programs one right after the other. For my job, I initialize, set up, and remove junkware from computers for new employees. The... more

Windows IDE for coding python?

PyCharm seems to be fine but I think it's not that good since is hard to step into and step over than Visual Studio. However Visual Studio seems to lack what PyCharm is able to do which is create a... more

What's the best (simplest) free software to beat-match and mix two tracks?

I want to mix a few tracks (in .mp3 format for example) together to create a seamless bit of dance music for a performance. I'd like to pick a particular section in two songs and the software... more

Windows Garageband equivalent?

<!--I'm surprised that this isn't a duplicate--> Required -------- * Record MIDI input from physical MIDI instruments * Use MIDI instruments * Export to mp3 or other common audio format ... more

FileZilla alternative (free FTP Client) without bundled crapware?

I just tried to download FileZilla from SourceForge. It tries to install some random homepage from an unpopular and useless provider. It is definitely not reliable anymore. So what is the... more

Is there a good stable free PDF editor?

I work for a non-profit organization and we have a lot of staff that need to work with PDFs. Our designers etc have the Adobe suite but that is quite expensive and I do not want to purchase a lot... more

Make my computer screen's tint warmer at night?

I use my computer at night, but my computer screen looks like daylight and I find it too bright to use at night. So, what is a good tool to make my computer screen warmer at night? I'm using... more

Tool to remember clipboard content?

Often I use the same terms/sentances/code-segments and want to reuse them during development. I could define snippets in my IDE but I want to use those anywhere and I want to be able to search in... more

Music software for writing scores?

I would like a software that I will be able to write music sheets/scores. Nothing really fancy, just to be able to write all kinds of notations. I would prefer a free one for Windows.

Fast alternative for Adobe Reader on Windows?

Can anyone recommend me a good alternative for Adobe Reader ? I need a software that is fast and light which works on Windows.

Is there a program to control other computers from another computer?

Is there a good **remote desktop software tool** that I can use to control my Windows and Linux PCs from my Mac, and vice-versa? I don't care if it uses up lots of internet bandwidth. Desired... more

Mass Video Trimming?

I have a bunch of videos created with a 10 second intro in the front of each of them. They are all MP4 and basically I want to trim the first 10 seconds off each video. Is there a piece of software... more

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