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I need help with a word problem

The braking distance d (in feet) of a car is divided into two components. One part depends onreaction time. The number of feet for reaction time is about the same as the speed of the carin miles... more

How to solve this quadratic equation with the quadratic formula?

I've been having trouble with this problem: x2 + 2x = 8 So far this is what I got: -2±√-28-----------     2  However I'm not too sure what to do next, help?

How to solve this quadratic equation with the quadratic formula?

I've been having trouble with this problem:   x2 + 2x = 8   So far this is what I got:   -2±√-28-----------      2   However I'm not too sure what to do next, help?


Really need help with Rules of Exponents Problem, can someone help?

Problem: https://pasteboard.co/GAszZO2.png   I would greatly appreciate it if you were to solve it step-by-step, if it's too much work then don't worry about it. Thank you.


What was the time for each runner in minutes and seconds?

A German man and an Austrian woman claimed first place intheir respective divisions in the Empire State BuildingTower Race, a race up 86 flights of stairs – 1,576 steps inall. Between the first-... more


w:7=g what is w

w:7 =g  What is w


Algebra questions

um I have a question about a problem that I seem to be having, Juanita is selling 30 apples and somebody buys 12 how many apples does Juanita have left?


Mrs.Jennings drives about 16,000 miles per year in her work vehicle.

The vehicle manufacturer guarantees that the car will last at least 220,000 miles before needing extensive repairs.   What is an inequality that can be used to determine the number of years, y,... more


When preforming long division a remainder of zero indicates that the divisor is what?

My math teacher gives questions that he hasn't taught yet and it is very stressful trying to teach myself please help with this question.
Division Multiplication


year 3 made £96. they paid £8 back to the office for supplies and the rest went to charity. how much did they give to their charity?

Year 3 are having a bake and sale  to raise money for their favourite  charity

Help me please

Question Roberto will save 1/6 of his allowance each day. If he gets $2.00 a day, about how much money will he save each day? Round your answer to the nearest penny.     Off the question I've... more


The sum of 4 numbers is 60 word problem

The sum of 4 numbers is 60.   The first number was increased by four The second number was decreased by four The third number was multiplied by four The fourth number was divided by... more


Quotient base

A)  find the quotient of 3334 divide By 304  use the sharing (partition) concept of division and circle groups of base pieces. Show regrouping and explain what you are doing    b) find the... more


7 3/4 pounds of candy and 10 people how much candy will each guest get

Which operation do I use  × - ÷  


tammy is going to divide her bonus check of $76.95 evenly among her 3 children.how much should each recive?

i need this answer as soon as possiblee 

The badminton club spent $681 to buy 50 T-shirts. How many T-shirts did the club buy?

The badminton club in a school spent $681 to buy 50 T-shirts and shorts for its members. Each T-shirt cost $12 and each pair of shorts cost $15. How many T-shirts did the club buy? Use block model.


Use synthetic division to determine the quotient and remainder.

(x3 − 41x − 30) ÷ (x + 6)
Division Math Polynomials


Please peform the indicated operation

(6x3 − 32x2 + 30x + 36) ÷ (x2 − 6x + 9)
Division Math Polynomials


Perform the Indicated division

3x3+20x2-33x-8       x+8


15% discount is given on a pen that has a marked price of $8. How much must be paid for the pen?

I need the answer for this question quick!


SOS please help! web assign assignment question

A car with an odometer reading of 17,814.2 contains 11.2 gallons of gas. At an odometer reading of 18,096.4, the tank is empty and the car is filled with 12.4 gallons of gas. How many miles does... more

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