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what is two divided by nine

this question is for my homework and i dont understand what the anwser is i am not good at dividing any problom well i really cant do the work of the problom


are you sure it is two divided by nine (2/9) or nine divided by two (9/2)?


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To divide two by nine, you need to use your long division skills. Unfortunately, this interface doesn't lend itself well to showing you the actual long division problem, so try to follow the steps with me.

1. draw a division symbol (should look like half a rectangle). Put the 9 in front of the rectangle and a 2 inside it. Make the top of the rectangle long.

2. 9 can't fit into 2, so it goes into 2 "zero" times. Put a zero on the top of the rectangle, directly above the 2.

3. Now, add a decimal point and a 0 behind the 2  and a decimal point and a 0 just above that on the top of the rectangle.  (should look like "2.0" and "0.0")

4. 9 goes into 20 two times, so put a 2 just above the zero in "2.0" (above the rectangle. Now, at the top of the rectangle, you should see "0.2"

5. Since 9 times 2 is 18, you need to put an 18 just below the 2.0 and subtract, like this:


-  18



Now you have to put nine into 2 again. See the pattern? You would need to add another zero and then do 9 into 20 again, and so on.

This is called a repeating decimal. The answer will be 0.2222222222.... forever.

The way you write this answer is by writing 0.2 with a little horizontal line above the 2. That line means that the 2 continues forever.

I wish I could show you the actual diagram of what this looks like, but if you follow the steps, you should be able to see it.





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