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Helping Others Algebra 2 Algebra Word Problem


How to Write a Systems of Equations with Step by Step Solution

Provide a step by step solution and explain what the numbers in your solution mean in the context of the question you chose.     Question:   48,000 fans are in attendance at the Diamondbacks... more
Helping Others Math Word Problem Math Help


822 tickets sold in total, there were 72 more student tickets than adult. How many adult tickets?

A total of 822 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. There were 72 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?
Helping Others English Quiz Question


please help?? this question is worth half my grade and i do not understand it.

Tajimaby Miss MitfordOnce upon a time, a certain ronin, Tajima Shume by name, an able and well-read man, being on his travels to see the world, went up to Kiyoto by the Tokaido. [The road of the... more


I have 9 subjects in total.Got my maths (B;77/100).In the remaining eight subjects , How many marks do I need so that my overall is 80%?

I want to know that how many marks do I need and if it is okay that even if I get a D , i will get a A , which is 80%?   My grading scheme   A*: 90-100 A  : 80-89 B  : 70-79  C  : 60-69 D ... more
Helping Others


What are the side lengths of the rectangle

Area equals 36 inches perimeter equals 40 inches

In how many years will the mother be twice as old as her daughter?

A woman is 41 years old and her daughter is 15.   


What is the number?

One-sixth of a number, when subtracted from one-half of the same number, is equal to two-thirds the number plus 4. 
Helping Others


6 less than the product of a number and 3 is -18

Helping Others


There were 320 girls and 180 boys at a playground. What percent of the children were girls?

Please help with question 

What is the function notation and the meaning behind this equation

Tevin‘s total cost for his party is calculated by the following equation :                         T = 35p + 250      where T is the total cost and p is the amount of people attending.   A.... more
Helping Others


What is the effect on the graph of the parent function f(x)=x

What is the effect on the graph of the parent function f(x) = x when f(x) is replaced with f(x)+6
Helping Others


the quantity 10 plus 3p,cubed

the quantity 10 plus 3p,cubed  

By the Archimedes' Principle, when a block is floating, which statement is true?

1. The weight of the liquid displaced is less than the weight of the block. 2. The weight of the liquid displaced is greater than the weight of the block. 3. The weight of the liquid displaced is... more
Helping Others Jobs


Can you guys give me suggestions of jobs that have to do with sky? (not just astronomy and whatnot). Thanks!

I've always wondered if there were jobs where people could study the sky and not just at night with the stars. I know it sounds weird and probably stupid, but if you can help, please do. 


Help me please

Question Roberto will save 1/6 of his allowance each day. If he gets $2.00 a day, about how much money will he save each day? Round your answer to the nearest penny.     Off the question I've... more
Helping Others Math Probability Word Problem


Find the probability

According to the Census Bureau, 20.3% of households are headed by someone age 65 or older. Of these households, the probability that the household income is less than $25,000 is .307. Of households... more
Helping Others


I need a nursing diagnosis for a child with autism

Like impaired verbal communication related to....    or At risk for....
Helping Others Math Probability College


The test Linda took had 120 questions.

How many questions could she have expected to have gotten right if she had guessed all of them? What is the probability of getting at least thirty questions right by guessing all of them?


Statistics Problem Need Help!

The time it takes a symphony orchestra to play Beethovens Ninth Symphony has a normal distribution with a mean of 64.3 minutes and a standard deviation of 1.15 minutes. The next time it is played... more
Helping Others


The chain reaction used in nuclear power plants involves a free colliding with a , forming more free neutrons and .

i need help with this please hel[p
Helping Others Helpful Classwork Help


if me daughter is taken over the counter benadryl will a failed test come

we are sacred and don't know if she passed or not so we have been looking for an answer for 5 hours.so can ya'll please help use our daughter is a straight a honor roll student and we would really... more

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