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Working Together - Math Story Problems

Tasha can do a job in 3 hours, and Ben can do the same job in 12 hours. How long will it take the two of them to do the job working together?
Pre Algebra Word Problem Fractions


Word Problems That I Can't Solve (Include Steps Please)

A wrestler is put on a diet to gain 25 pounds in six weeks. The wrestler gains 6&1/2 pounds during the first two weeks and 4&3/4 pounds during the second two weeks. How many pounds must... more
Pre Algebra Algebra Functions


If the domain of the function y=4x+1 is 0≤x≤10, what is the function’s range?

Need for math homework. I am super confused with this concept and am unsure about ho to go about solving this problem. Thanks for the help!
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math help pre-algebra

Find an equation for the line perpendicular to 3x+27y=81 and goes through the point (−8,10)


MY question is how can I find the X-intercept, and the Y-intercept of the equation: y - 6 = 4(x + 5)?

I solved what I could like this....y - 6 = 4(x+5) equals-6y = 4x + 20-6 -6 -6 y = -2/3x + 20/6Slope: -2/3Y-intercept: (0,20/6)X-intercept: ?I cannot remember how to find the... more
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lapsed time of two related events

Hans and Freya are reading the same book. Freya reads one and a half times as fast as Hans. When Freya started reading, Hans had already read 36 pages. How many pages will each of them have read... more


Write the system that models this information

Suppose you have just enough money, in coins, to pay for a loaf of bread priced at $1.95. You have 12 coins, all quarters (worth $0.25) and dimes (worth $0.10). Let t equal the number of... more
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Least to greatest {-3.32,-3.3 repeating, -3.4,-3.2}

How do I know what is close to the whole negative number? I'm not good with negatives. I know when you get deeper in the negatives you get smaller. But how do you know?


Pre Alg math question- Graphing

You work two jobs. You earn $11.90 per hour as a salesperson and $10.50 per hour stocking shelves. Your combined earnings this month are $178.50. Let x represent the number of hours worked stocking... more


Pre Algebra Word Problem

The equation d=rt is used to calculate distance, rate, or time, where d is the distance (in meters), r is the rate (in meters per minute), and t is the time (in minutes). Consider the statements... more
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A car starts on a trip and travels at an average speed of 40 miles per hour. Three hours later, a second car starts on the same trip and travels at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

A car starts on a trip and travels at an average speed of 40 miles per hour. Three hours later, a second car starts on the same trip and travels at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.a. Find the... more
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2 times what wade's age was 4 years ago


Find the linear equation of the plane through the point (2,10,6) ( 2 , 10 , 6 ) and parallel to the plane 𝑥+5𝑦+3𝑧+4=0.

Find the linear equation of the plane through the point  and parallel to the plane 
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look i am desperate. please someone ACTUALLY help me with my math homework please??

Determine whether the given sequence could be geometric, arithmetic, or neither. If possible, identify either the common ratio or the common difference.4, 2, 1, 1/2, ....  A.) geometric; r = 2B.)... more
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Algebra word question

A running back catches a pass and runs for the goal line 80 yards away. He can run a 50-yard dash in six seconds. If he runs at 80% of his speed in the 50-yard dash, how long will it take him to... more
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Algebra investment question

Sarah has $2000 more invested at 8.5% than she does at 9.75%. Both investments are at simple interest rates. If the annual return from each investment is the same, how much is invested at each rate?
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good explanation needed ! i need help solving this question

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I need help I don't understand


A floor is covered with tiles that are 2 inches longer in width and length. The new flooring requires 600 tiles. What is the length of a side of one of the new tiles?

A gymnasium floor is being covered by square shock-absorbing tiles. The new tiles are 2 inches larger in length and width than the old tiles. The new flooring will require only 600 tiles. What is... more
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A box has 3 sections. 2 sections have the same measurements, but the 3rd is 2/3rd the volume of one of the sections. If they all have the same height and width, how long is section 3?

A recycling bin that has a length of 3 feet, a width of 2 feet, and a height of 2 feet has three separate sections inside for sorting. Sections 1 and 2 have identical measurements but section 3 has... more

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