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a varies directly as b and inversely as the square of c

If a = 229 when b = 4 and c = 2, find a if b = 6 and c = 5Round your answer to two decimal places if necessary.
Pre Algebra Mathematics


The solution of c+d<−6 is c<−8. What is the value of d?

Select the possible value(s) of x.x=1x=2x=3x=4
Pre Algebra Math


f + 1/4 = -7/2, what does f equal?

i figured out 7/2 is equal to 3 1/2 but that's all i got
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.333333 (.3 bar) irrational or rational

Is .3333 rational or irrational?I know that .333 (bar) can be converted to 1/3 which (a/b) makes the 1/3 rational so does the .333 get also classified as a rational number?I was told that .3333... more
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what is 9p + 3p

Pre Algebra


What is the square root of 181 in between?

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Ticket equation

The fee charged by a ticketing agency for a concert is $55.50 plus $89.50 for each ticket purchased. If your total charge for tickets is $682, write an equation for the total charge of the tickets.... more
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Five times the first of two consecutive odd integers is three times the second. Find the integers.

Five times the first of two consecutive odd integers is three times the second. Find the integers. (smaller integer) (larger integer)
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You pick 2 marbles from the bag. You pick the second one without replacing the first marble.

(2 green, 2 white, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue) P(red then blue) P (green then yellow) P(white then blue then white)
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Consider the following equation: − 8 x − 10 y = 19

Consider the following equation: −8x−10y=19A) Write the above equation in the form y=mx+b. Enter the values of m and b in the appropriate boxes below as integers or reduced fractions (in the form... more
Pre Algebra


the sum of Eva’s age and Lela’s age is 21. The difference of their age is 3.

Pre Algebra Prealgebra


how many buses do you need for 500 people if each bus holds 40 people

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8th Grade Pre-algebra Word Problem

Karinne hit 4 more home runs than half the number of hone runs Lu hit. Together they hit 10 home runs. Let x represent the number of home runs Lu hit. Write an equation to represent the situation.
Pre Algebra


I need some help math plzz plz

Tom gets paid $12 for every lawn he mows. The amount of money he earns depends on the number of lawns he mows.Which is the dependent variable, and which is the independent variable?A.The dependent... more
Pre Algebra Prealgebra


A line passes through (4, -1) with a slope of -3 write an equation.

Pre Algebra


-3=7(y-9/7) i need help

i need the answer to this problem
1 3 4 5 6 7 15

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