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Bob pays $15.20 for a pack of 8 towels.Find the unit price in dollars per towel.

if necessary, round your answer to the nearest cent.

what should i do if im instructed to take one half of a measurement , but then asked to divide in half on another is it the same

I'm Taking measurements for a patternmaking book , but the question is unclear

I could really use your help on a couple of problems that I'm having trouble on...

Simplify each rational expression. Write answers with excluded values. 1.) 6d^2c/3c   4.) x^2-x/(x-1)(x+7)   Multiple. Write answers with excluded... more


find the reminder when 5 2009+13 2009 is divid by 18

find the reminder when 5 2009+13 2009 is divid by 18  


e over r = 1 for r

its a dividing equation  
Divide Division


what does 109544623 divide by (without remainder)?

Its not a trick question, I am sincerely struggling to find the answer. List of prime numbers says that is it not prime, so it HAS to divide by SOMETHING. OCD has led me to this.

Divide 350 divide(-25)



How many people voted in each category

If I have 4 catagories to vote from and 7 people have voted, there are 29% in 2 categories and 49% in one and 0% in the other, how many people voted for each


if three times a number added to 1 is divided by the number plus 8, the result is four thirds. Find the number

if three times a number added to 1 is divided by the number plus 8, the result is four thirds. Find the number 


If you can help that will be great!

A cargo van is carrying 20 identical steel cylinders. Each cylinder contains compressed oxygen. Altogether, the cylinders weight 1/2 of a ton. a. In tons, what is the weight of each cylinder? b.... more


1 1 5 divide by 1 4

how do i do this


Divide the complex number

Divide the given complex numbers. Write your answer in the standard form for a complex number. 54 − 24i    6


1÷400 , 0.01÷400 , 50÷ 0.5

1÷400 , 0.01÷400 , 50÷ 0.5     How to divide these without calculator
Divide Algebra Division


Divide - Show Work

(16x^3+8x^2+16x) / 8x^3   The answer is 2 + 1/x + 2/x^2   But I got x^4(2x^2 + x + 2) My answer is wrong, help me get the previous answer
Divide Binomials


Divide by a binomial

t^2-13/t+4   I can't seem to figure it out. Please help.


how much pie does each friend get?

Mia has 1/2 pie leftover from her birthday. she gives the pie to 3 of her friends.


What's 58 diveded by 5,723 with remainder

What's 58 divided by 5,723
Divide Multiply


For each container of tea, she uses 16 tea bags and 3 cups of sugar. If McKenzie uses 64 tea bags, how many cups of sugar will she use?

This question really confuses me..can you please help me?
Divide Add


I have no idea how to do this

Bennett purchased some beef and some chicken for a family barbeque. The beef costs $5.70 per pound and the chicken cost $3.70 per pound. He bought a total of 18 lb of meat and spent $86.60. How... more


help please :)

Simplify these expressions:   A) √{(27xy^5)/(12x^5 y^3)}   B) 3√{(x^5 y^-2)/(8x^2y^2)}   C) {(2x^1/2)/(y^1/3)}^-6   D) (-27x^9)^1/3


help please :)

Reduce these complex fractions as much as possible (solve all please):   A)  3  -  4      2x   5x      1 - 2    3   x   B)    1    - 3      x-2                  5    + 3     x+2   C)... more



I just want to know if 2 and 3 should be multiplied since 3 is in parenthesis..... a few people I know believe that just because 3 is in parenthesis that it doesn't apply to the PEMDAS rule. Please... more


Can someone please help explain how to do this

Simplify make sure the answer has no negative exponents.   (x-2z7) (2x2y/z-1)     

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