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Garland R. | Teacher By Day / Tutor By NightTeacher By Day / Tutor By Night

Dividing a whole number and an improper fraction seems tricky, but it just has one or two more steps than the normal process.  First, convert the whole number "9" into a fraction by giving it a denominator of "1".  It should look like 9/1.  Now that both numbers are convereted into like formats (improper fractions), you should have 9/1 divided by 5/3.

Second, flip 5/3 over into 3/5 - this is the "reciprocal". Now you have 9/1 divided by 3/5.  It's just a matter of multiplying across the math sentence.  Multiply the numerators (9x3) and the denominators (1 x 5).  Your new fraction should be 27/5.  This is your answer in the improper fraction format.

You can create other formats depending on the expected answer.  For a mixed number, "divide your fraction UP" (27 divided by 5) which gives you 5 and 2/5.  This can be further converted into 5.4 if you need your answer in decimal form.

"Good Skill" to you!

Juan R. | Tutor in multiple subjectsTutor in multiple subjects
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Ok so have 9/(5/3)

first you flip the denominator that way you change the equation from a division to a multiplication. Also, to make things linear i put a 1 under the 9 so you can multiply top to top and bottom to bottom. 


now multiply 9•3=27, this answer is your numerator or the number that goes on the top of the fraction. Now multiply 1•5=5 this number is the denominator or the number that goes on the bottom of the fraction. Your answer should look like this 27/5. Since 27 is not divisible by 5, I would live it in fraction since it looks nicer than a decimal number. I hope you got your question answered. If you have any concern please email me. 

Ileana F. | Mathematics TutorMathematics Tutor
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When you divide an integer by a fraction, or any number by a fraction, you turn the division into multiplication of the divident with the inverse of that fraction. In this case, we have:

9 : (5/3) = 9 * (3/5) = (9*3)/5 = 27/5 = 5.40

Hope this helped.



I like your answer better.  I think it is easier to understand.

Rachel B.