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for the polynomial below, -1 is a zero. f(x)=x^3+5x^2+x-3 express f(x) as a product of linear factors

for the polynomial below, -1 is a zero: f(x)=x3+5x2+x-3 express f(x) as a product of linear factors
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Polynomial Function

The length of a rectangular field is twice as long as its width. If 3 feet are taken from the width, and 4 feet taken from the length, the resultant area of the field is 180 ft². Illustrate the... more


Polynomial Function Given Integer Zeros

Here's the question:Let f(x) be a cubic polynomial with zeros -1, 2, and 3. If the graph of f passes through (0, 3) write the completely factored form of f(x). So, what I have is this: I took the... more


How to solve exactly easy way the polynomial function?

Use the graphs to write a polynomial function of least degree


Polynomial and Rational Functions

Graph the polynomial functions. Note x- and y-intercepts, multiplicity, and end behavior.h(x) = (x-1)3(x+3)2

i need help on an algebra 2 question on dividing polynomials?

my algebra 2 teacher is not the best-- he just can't teach and almost all of my class fails every test because so. anyways, I'm a little perplexed on one question we've got to do for... more
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Help with factoring

Original Polynomial: 6a^3b + 36a^2b +48a^4b Factored Polynomial: 3ab(2a^2 + 12a + 16a^3) Explain why the factored polynomial above is not factored completely. 


What is the derivative of f(x) = cos (x^4)?


Multiply the following polynomials. Be sure to place the polynomials in their simplest form based on the leading degree.

(4mo2 - 8n2 ) (16mo2 + 12mno2 – 5m) (- 3xy7 + y) (3 + 2z3 – 17) (3ab5 - 12ab3 ) (7a - 4ab2 – 18) (3a + 15ab3 ) (5ab7 - 3ab2 - 5) (5r + 6s4 t 2 - 4st2 )(2st5 + 8s4 t 2 - 4st2 ) (5m2 n 2 + 5o3 +... more
Polynomial Algebra 2 Degree


Determine the degree of each polynomial

1.4x4y3+ v y+ 72.8n5 – 4n2 – x3. 134x10 y 3 + x 2 v y + 7
Polynomial Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool w/ Sidewalk Question

A 10 by 12 feet rectangular pool has a side walk with a width of s feet. Write a polynomial that represents the area of the pool and the side walk combined together.
Polynomial Prealgebra Real Number


Write a rational number not lying between -1/5 and-2/5

I have to find a polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the given conditions. thank you!!

U has degree 5, zeros 1/2 , −2, and −i, and leading coefficient 4; the zero −2 has multiplicity 2.S has degree 4 and zeros 2i and 3i.Q has degree 3 and zeros 5, 4i, and −4i.I'm so stuck.
Polynomial Algebra 2


Construct a polynomial function of least degree possible using the given information. Real roots: −1, 1, 3 and (2, f(2)) = (2, 5)

Construct a polynomial function of least degree possible using the given information. Real roots: −1, 1, 3 and (2, f(2)) = (2, 5)
Polynomial Algebra 1 Maths


Can a number be called a polynomial?

Is a number a polynomial?
Polynomial Cubic Roots


a^3-4a^2-13a-40 roots are

Please send me the detailed information about the question


Find the remaining zeros of f

Degree:6zero: 31+i, -4+i, 0

Use polynomial long division on the following problem.

Use polynomial long division to perform the indicated division. Write the polynomial in the form p(x) = d(x)q(x) + r(x).   (2x4 − 3x3 + 2x2 − 2) ÷ (x2 + 4)


How many local extrema could a polynomial of degree n have?

i dont really get what this means


if X 2 - 3x + 1 = 0 then value of X 5 + 1/ X 5 Equal to

if   X 2 - 3x + 1 = 0  then value of X 5 + 1/ X 5 Equal to


How to write the polynomial (m)7-3+6(m)+4(m)6+8(m)5+11+3(m)4 in standard form

The number written after bracket is power of m  

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