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Finance to mis executive

I have done mba in finance and marketing and have 2 year's of experience in finance getting 20k. The growth opportunities are less in my current company and finance executive is just a tittle i m... more


Concerned with my boss presenting my project/presentation?

About 8 months ago, a coworker and I worked on a project which lasted about 4 months to complete. After completion, we as a team presented the findings to 3 different groups of increasing... more
Management Business


Risk Management

Discuss the ways that Issues Management can prepare an organization to handle Risk Management. What makes them different? Similar?


Former boss asking me to do presentations?

My former boss who is a manager in the company regularly asks me to do work for him. I have that under control as my current boss backs me up and I can take on the assignments I find interesting... more


What's the average number of cost centers in the Philippines?

 What's the average number of cost centers in the Philippines? A cost center is a business unit that is only responsible for the costs that it incurs. The manager of a cost center is not... more



(A)If a florist shop has fixed overhead costs of $15,000 a month and pays suppliers $5 per bouquet on average (assuming all flowers arr worth roughly the same, how many bouquets must be sold at $45... more


Discuss whether Management by Objectives (MBO) is used to motivate or control the people?

Principles of Management


Explain the attributes of a good planning framework

Explain the attributes of a good planning framework.                                      (30mks)

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