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Project Management


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Differentiate between training and development.
Project Management


What is Earned Value Management and is it important that I understand it to be a project manager?

What is Earned Value Management and is it important that I understand it to be a project manager?What do the metrics SPI, CPI, CV and SV mean?
Project Management


What is the People Section of the PMP Exam About?

What is the "People" Section of the PMP Exam About? What do I need to know to do well in this?
Project Management


What are the requirements to take the PMP Exam?

What do I need to do or have to take and pass the PMP Exam?
Project Management


what would you do if you had the ability to do one impossible thing and why?

Can be based on any topic, the below topic is not so important
Project Management Saudi Arabia Bba


I need a summary of a topic I'm writing down , it's really urgent

It's really urgent !! Please provide the summary of this : Working in Saudi Arabia :-Project management has a long tradition in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Financed by oil money,... more
Project Management


Project Management

Project is defined as the package of interrelated products that are programmed to achieve certain goals and objectives
Project Management Cooking


cookery cert iv

1)We are undergoing a major refurbishment of our kitchen and we have new equipment being installed and other equipment being altered. What are the time requirements for hazard identification when... more
Project Management Business Accounting


Make-to-Stock Strategy

Make-to-stock strategy is commonly used in the production of low volume goods.True or false?
Project Management Algebra 1 Reading Drawing


Have you taught classes online before?

Yes, since I graduated close to a year ago I have been conducting sessions online, and have found what works best for me when teaching students subject material. Of course, depending on the... more
Project Management Business Religion Philosophy


The Team Meeting and Management Efficiency Case

You are team leader for the team responsible for implementing corporate restructuring. Your superiors favor a radical change in the way in which these changes are made within the company, Usually,... more
Project Management


Risk management

Project manager spends 90% time in communication if the project manager fails to communicate the correct information to stakeholders, project team members, suppliers and the company management than... more
Project Management Econometrics Operation Management


Number of hours

A small metal shop operates 10 hours each day, producing 100 parts/hour . If productivity were increased 20 how many hours would the plant have to work to produce 1000 parts? A) less than 2 hours... more
Project Management Math Business Statistics


About Gantt chart

Which of the following statements regarding Gantt charts is not true ?1-Gantt charts are visual devices that show the duration of activities in a project 2-Gantt charts are visual devices that show... more


Project examples

Which of the followings is not an example of a project? 1-Developing a product 2-Production of products 3-A company entering a new country 4- Introducing a product in market
Project Management


From what you have learned up to now about operations management is this statement always true? Please look the question below.

Operations management transforms inputs (labour, capital, equipment, land, buildings, materials and information) into outputs (goods and services) that provide added value to customers. It does not... more
Project Management


2021 New PMP Version

How does the new 2021 version of the PMP test differ from 2020?
Project Management Watts W/m^2 Household


A rectangular room of length 6 meters has six 18 W LED lights

What is the maximum width of the room if the lamp power density requirement of 5 W/m^2 is to be met?
Project Management


In the Ambrose household, there are five people. Each person has one shower each day and each shower uses 110 L of water. Water costs $2.57 per kilolitre (kL)

a) How much is the annual water bill for the Ambrose’s showers?b) If the Ambrose family install a water-efficient showerhead that uses 60% less water, how much will the family save on water costs... more
Project Management


Project management and cost analysis.

A heat exchanger has been designed and insulation is being considered for the unit. The insulation can be obtained in thickness of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100nnm. The following data have... more
Project Management


please help how to plan this

You are appointed as a chairperson for a company family day. Your HR manager provides you with limited information regarding the family day in the Month of December 2021 in Klang Valley and... more

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