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Project Management


From what you have learned up to now about operations management is this statement always true? Please look the question below.

Operations management transforms inputs (labour, capital, equipment, land, buildings, materials and information) into outputs (goods and services) that provide added value to customers. It does not... more
Project Management


2021 New PMP Version

How does the new 2021 version of the PMP test differ from 2020?
Project Management Watts W/m^2 Household


A rectangular room of length 6 meters has six 18 W LED lights

What is the maximum width of the room if the lamp power density requirement of 5 W/m^2 is to be met?
Project Management


In the Ambrose household, there are five people. Each person has one shower each day and each shower uses 110 L of water. Water costs $2.57 per kilolitre (kL)

a) How much is the annual water bill for the Ambrose’s showers?b) If the Ambrose family install a water-efficient showerhead that uses 60% less water, how much will the family save on water costs... more
Project Management


Project management and cost analysis.

A heat exchanger has been designed and insulation is being considered for the unit. The insulation can be obtained in thickness of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100nnm. The following data have... more
Project Management


please help how to plan this

You are appointed as a chairperson for a company family day. Your HR manager provides you with limited information regarding the family day in the Month of December 2021 in Klang Valley and... more
Project Management


Project Management

A project manager is reviewing project performance. Which of the following would be the BEST indicator of the total project cost?A.      ACB.      EACC.      CPID.      ETC
Project Management


Where should a Project Manager focus most of their efforts?

What is the most critical aspect of managing a large-scale project? Where should the PM spend most of their efforts to ensure highest probability of success?
Project Management Microsoft Project


Why do I need to set a Baseline in Microsoft Project?

How can I use Microsoft Project?

Project Management Scrum


Which among the following describe user stories closely? (Select 2 that apply)

Which among the following describe user stories closely? (Select 2 that apply)1)User story in agile is equivalent to Business requirements of the traditional world2) Ata minimum, a user story has a... more
Project Management Scrum


What is the difference between ‘Should Have’ and ‘Could Have' iiems as per MoSCoW prioritization

What is the difference between ‘Should Have’ and ‘Could Have' iiems as per MoSCoW prioritization?1) Should Have - important and crucial for the release. Gould Have - less important, but necessary... more
Project Management


Managerial Problem Solving

According to Pablo Picasso, "Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction."a) What do you think must be destroyed?b) Is it possible to apply Picasso's creative philosophy in your... more
Project Management


Do you know how do the project managers spend majority of their time?

Think of the most important aspect of project management !
Project Management Art Business Accounting


Please give me a clear concept about it.

Discuss the need of database logical structures and their significance in effective management of database.


Business Project

HI! My group and I are working on a business project and need advice. We are using NASA's patent: https://technology.nasa.gov/patent/KSC-TOPS-1 to create a coating to prevent/detect/heal corrosion.... more
Project Management Itm 423 Stakeholders Matrix


ITM 423 Project Management

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this assignment. I only have the names of the people and their roles and an outline of the excel worksheet. I have never worked before with... more
Project Management


What's the relationship between risk planning and estimating?

Why is a risk plan developed prior to completing the estimate? Give examples of planning (or not planning) for risk in a budget and how that impacted the execution of the project?
Project Management


Feeling stuck studying for an exam?

I'm feeling overwhelmed preparing for my exam. What advice do you have?
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