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Simplifying Using Trig Identities

The expression csc^2(x)-1 is equivalent to 
Class Homework


homework help pleaseee?

the time in seconds it takes for 12 sewing machines (N=12) to stitch a border into a particular garment is shown in the table. Compute the mean stitching time and the standard deviation to the... more


Public Speaking as an Interactive Communication Process

What is the means by which we communicate? A) Channel B) Source C) Interference D) Feedback
Class Homework


Equations that equal 24 with only 6,5,2,1 any operation.

Please help I'm not getting it and it needa to be done tomorrow so could anybody help me by giving me two answers to my questio please.


A computer is programmed to produce at random a single digit from the list 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. The program runs twenty times. Let Y be the number of zeros that occur. a) State the distribution... more
Class Homework Chemistry


Gas Laws Chemistry Question

how to find the number of miles of hydrogen gas collected when you are told...that the volume is 90.0 mL, the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the atmospheric pressure is 745 mm Hg, and that the... more
Class Homework


The last four grades for jose are 4/5, 22/29, 7/10, 40/50. Which two grades are equivalent

so I can complete my homework
Class Homework Chemistry


Is HCL plus K2S = KCL plus H2S an acid base reaction?

Is HCL plus K2S = KCL plus H2S an acid base reaction?


How are natural rights and social contract related?

Could someone explain, please?
Class Homework #gotta Go


john can dust 2/5 of is house in 45 minutes. what is his rate of dusting per hour?

this question is on my homework and i cant figure it out i need someone really really really really smart
Class Homework


Esteban counted the number of steps it took him to walk to schools. He counted 1,138 steps. How many does he take walking to and from school?

Im trying to help my lil sister and we are stuck on this question.... help...  please?!!


Josie had $47 left on her checking account. If she writes a check for $55 what will Josie's balance be?

i need help solving this problem and I couldn't find anyone to help me
Class Homework Math Help Homework Tips



Jeff Hardy Invested $3000 in an investment fund an had 2.5% management fee deducted. The fund increased by 11.3% in the first year and increased by only 1.7 % in the value of her investment after 2... more


What is a Post-romantic worldview?

What is a Post-romantic worldview? Thank you for answering! :)
Class Homework English Question English Help


What does opposing Viewpoint mean? When analysing newspaper article?

Hello, I have a question about my english homework. We have to find two newspaper articles and answers questions about them.First question, Does the author recognise a viewpoint that opposes his or... more

Shadow math task

Jeannie is practicing on the basketball goal outside her house. She thinks that the seems lower than the 10 ft. goal she plays on in gym. She wants to know how far it is from the ground but she... more
Class Homework


Your bag of rice says to mix 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of water. How many cups of water would be need to mix with 1/3 cup of rice?

 It's a story problem that works with ratios and age dependency ratios
Class Homework Math Word Problem


At a concert, the band has 8 men's T-shirts and 18 women's T-shirts. The band wants to set up tables to sell the shirts.

At a concert, the band has 8 men's T-shirts and 18 women's T-shirts. The band wants to set up tables to sell the shirts, with an equal number of men's and women's shirts available at each table and... more
Class Homework


explain how a switch can affect the flow of an electric current in a circuit

 i dont understand its reALLY hard plus my grades are really low.
Class Homework


What are negative numbers a subset of

I have this for homework and I'm really bad at subsets
Class Homework


Compute the weighted average for the following scores

In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However,... more
Class Homework


why is regions important to american history?

Im doing homework for american history and im having diffulities answering this questions so im asking nicely for somebody to help me answer it because its really confusing me and my question that... more
Class Homework Physics


The gravitational interaction was the first force figured out by scientist Sir Isaac Newton. However...

a. gravitation has been the hardest force to unite with electroweak and strong nuclear interactions.   b. until we can detect gravitational waves, it will remain a mystery.   c. it is not a... more
Class Homework Physics


Why did scientists believe in the existence of the neutrino even though it wasn't discovered for several years after after the time of its prediction?

a. They were able to observe their tracks in cloud chambers.b. Scientists were confident in the law of Conservation of energy.c. They were able to calculate exactly how much mass was being... more

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