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I need a few quotes from Night by Elie Wiesel regarding respect of other species

I have an assignment and I must have several quotes that address the themes given. One of the themes I am stuck on is respect of other species. In essence it's asking for a respect towards a person in the Nobel Peace Prize winning novel; Night by Elie Wiesel.  

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Heidi E. | Flexible Tutor!Flexible Tutor!
I think the theme you are thinking of is respect for people of other cultures or beliefs. Another species would be like an alien, cat, dog etc. and that does not play a role in the book. What this book display is extreme disrespect towards people of other cultures, beliefs, race etc. I think you could find many applicable themes that prove this. Look on spark notes or good reads for quotes that relate to this theme and integrate them into your assignment. If this is a writing piece I think focusing on the LACK of respect of the people who suffered in World War Two would be a better angle to come from.