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English 10 English Ap English Poem


Argument Poem due April 17 pls help

I need to write an argument poem for English due next week. My topic is SHOULD WE LEARN A 2ND LANGUAGE. it must include this in my poem as wellHowever, Im really bad at writing poems and i need to... more


Fahrenheit 451 Question

Education“Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord” (p. 87). What kind of education is necessary to create citizens who recognize “quality of... more


Fahrenheit 451 questions

“The televisor…tells you what to think and blasts it in” (p.84). Members of this world have “plenty off-hours” but do they have “time to think”? What kind of thinking do Faber and Bradbury prefer?... more
English 10 Decision 10 Grade


decision making

Your friend has just “snubbed” you. You may feel sad, mad, embarrassed, or anxious. You are looking at your friend from across the gym, stunned to see him there already, laughing and having fun.... more
English 10


Which sentence has an adjective clause?

Mike rode his bike on mountain trails because he found them challenging.Gary donated to charity whenever he could.Liz, who could always make people laugh, was loved by the whole block.Ever since... more

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