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Why is cloning (in .NET) so difficult?

In the past I had the need to clone objects, only to find that they don't implement a <code>Clone()</code> method, forcing me to do it by hand (create a new instance and copy all... more

How and when to abandon the use of arrays in C#?

Should you try to avoid using an array as much as possible when you will be adding a lot of elements? Should you use iStringMap instead? If so, what happens if you need more than two dimensions AND... more
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End of month calculations?

Just wondering if any know of an elegant solution for the following. If I have 30 June 2009 and I add a month I want it to go to 31 July 2009, not the 30 July 2009. This logic is based on the... more
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C# & operator clarification?

I saw a couple of questions here about the diference between && and & operators in C#, but I am still confused how it is used, and what outcome results in different situations. For... more


Multi-variable switch statement in c#?

I would like use a switch statement which takes several variables and looks like this: switch (intVal1, strVal2, boolVal3) { case 1, "hello", false: break; case 2, "world", false: break; ... more

Tool for building .NET regular expressions?

I use regular expressions in .NET a lot, and I would like to have a tool that makes it easier to build long and complicated regular expressions. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. What tool... more
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&& operator behaves like || operator?

I am a beginner and I've been trying to run a program that prints all the numbers from 1 to N (user input) except for those that are divisible by 3 and 7 at the same time. What my code does... more


What technology should I use to create a distributed Accounting Software?

Here are my current options. 1. .Net : Using WPF, Visual C#, SQLServer 2. Java : Using Spring, Hibernate, Enterprise DB, web-based Can you suggest which one is better?, especially with regards... more

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