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What lighting setup is recommended for filming a presenter in front of a TV screen?

i will be filming a presenter in front of a 48" TV with graphics on it. The presenter will be pointing at the graphics at times to explain certain things.We will be doing this in a tiny studio on a... more


Video archive solution?

We are a community TV station, looking to improve our video archive. Currently we archive our master files on external drives. But to make the archive easier to access, both for saving and... more


Are graphics tablets worth it?

I've always felt curious about graphics tablets, but I've never even used one. Most people I know either give up or love them. I'm not a big illustrator myself, but I do the occasional doodle and... more


Are Macs preferable to PCs for handling graphics software?

Excuse me for being totally uninformed, but it usually seems like creative types of people i.e. graphics designers prefer Macs over PCs for accomplishing their tasks. I was wondering, why is this?... more

Why is number of bits always a power of two?

We have 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit hardware architectures and operating systems. But not, say, 42-bit or 69-bit ones.Why? Is it something fundamental that makes 2^n bits a better choice, or... more


Is it possible to do research in both Computer Architecture and Security?

I just finished with my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering (Security study-line) with a thesis on cache timing attacks on virtualized environments. I also have an MEng in Electronic and... more

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