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Pls help... How is World War 2 a direct result of World War 1?

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American History Question (1920s)

The year is 1919. One of Marty’s friends, Sasha, who is from Russia is being targeted because of the Red Scare. Marty’s other friends ostracize Sasha and don’t want him to hang out with their group... more


Antisemitism during the early 19th century

What mainly caused American Jewish Immigration during the 1900s-1930s?I wrote the Bolshevik Revolution, but my teacher said Jewish immigration was not triggered by that. This is what I wrote: The... more
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Campaq computer corporation introduced the first ibm-compatible portable computer in 1982

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Please help ME with this question I'm really confused and I don't know what to do? :)

1.) Read the excerpt below, which is from Frederick Jackson Turner’s “Frontier Thesis.” Then answer the question below.''The peculiarity of American institutions is, the fact that they have been... more
American History


Is the US a democracy or a republic?

Sometimes we're called a democracy and other times that's disputed, saying we're a republic. Which are we? Does being one make us not the other?
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Please help me answer a Republican party and a Federal party

write two campaign slogans for the 1800 presidential election- one from the perspective of a federalist and one from the perspective of a republican. include the name of the candidate and a reason... more
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What caused imperialism in the United States? What were the effects of imperialism in the United States?

1) What caused imperialism in the United States? 2) What were the effects of imperialism in the United States? 3) What are some arguments for and against imperialism during that time in the US?
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what Is so important about the 19th Amendment?

What is the significance of the 19th Amendment and how does it help people today?
American History


What were the two biggest flaws in the Compromise of 1850 were

What were the two biggest flaws in the Compromise of 1850 were:  a.     It failed to recognize the rights of Indians b.     The border with Texas was undefined c.     The slave acts did not... more
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 In defending slavery, the Democratic Party argued that:

2.  In defending slavery, the Democratic Party argued that:a.  that slavery elevated the status of African Americansb.  Republicans were opposed to radical abolitionistsc.  The US constitution... more
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.President Andrew Jackson’s presidency

1.  President Andrew Jackson’s presidencya.  sought a restoration of traditional republican values and a return to Jeffersonian concepts of limited government. b.  reaffirmed the supremacy of the... more
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How did the Founding Fathers respond to conflicts regarding a new plan for the government?

Select three correct answers. They created a system of government in which the people were not directly involved. They promoted the ruling of a king to help establish a stable government. They... more
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History paper on middle class

Explain how this historic middle class was created--what were the policies, what was the vision shaping those policies? What does the author mean by: "Instead of overthrowing the bourgeoisie, the... more
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Which of the following was NOT a reason for the Declaration of Independence

A.To apologize for their rebellious behavior?B.To list the problems that the Colonies had with the British Government?C.To identify what a government should do?D.To notify the King of England that... more


Culture of fear

Hi!How can culture of fear be connected with the excessive gun violence in the U.S?
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Evaluate the extent to which patterns of immigration in the period 1820-1860 were similar to patterns of immigration in the period 1980-2020.

I need help formulating a thesis statement

Class & Inequality

Of the four theories of class (Marx, Weber, Bourdieu, and Mullings), which do you find most persuasive, and why?What do you think should be done to reduce inequality in American society?
American History


George Whitefield’s preaching likely inspired political activists to speak in public

American History


Which of the following is a criticism of congressional term limits:

term limits limit the level of expertise and professionalism in the legislative body term limits prevent voters from replacing their representative term limits weaken the executive branch... more
American History


Mexico and The United States War

Summary describing the causes of the war between Mexico and the United States
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What are persistent values that promote the idea of black inferiority ?

Discuss persistent values that promote the idea of black inferiority using the major social institutions (e.g.: media, religion, economy, education, family, technology, and government). The key is... more
American History


Which amendment to the Constitution entrenched the nascent party system?


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