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Western expansion Anticipatory set

During the westward expansion, the Unites States grew at an amazing rate true or false
American History Us History


US history Progressive Era Project

I need to find 5 political cartoon from progressive era and have to write at least 1 paragraph for each one


Was the concept of religious freedom in the early United States applied to native American faiths?

Did native religions come up at all when the United States was adopting religious freedom into its fundamental laws? Did America's Founding Fathers or their contemporaries consider Native Americans... more
American History Language Education Japan


Why did the GHQ not promote English during the occupation?

I wonder why GHQ did not force Japanese people to use the English language during the occupation, or at least add English to one of its official languages, much like Hong Kong under occupation by... more
American History History


Which was an obstacle to the settlement of the American West?

the Cumberland Gapthe Northwest Territorythe Great Plainsthe Louisiana Territory
American History War United States Philippines


How did the Filipinos lose the Philippine-American War?

The Americans were fighting a war thousands of miles away from their country, against the Filipinos who just won a war of independence against Spain. Change the Filipinos to Vietnamese and Spain to... more
American History Unit 3 Test


Some people were particularly outraged by the Mormon practice of

American History Japan United States 20th Century


Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2?

I have read up a bit about WW2 on my own and have always pondered, why in the USA is the brutality and actions of the Japanese during WW2 always downplayed compared with the brutalities and... more
American History United States Political History


Who is the last known non-natural US citizen who would have been eligible for the Presidency?

The United States Constitution states (relevant part highlighted): > No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a **Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this... more


How did the US abolition of slavery affect the cotton exports?

American History United States California Mexico


Did the US try to buy California before Guadalupe Hidalgo?


What is the origin of US south region white people?

For example there are a lot of Americans with german ancestry in midwest, english americans(WASPs) in northeast. But what is the origin of white people in the south region?
American History United States


Why was the Federal government's assumption of state debt so significant?

Alexander Hamilton advocated for the assumption of the states’ debts by the Federal government. Why was this so significant? The reasons Chernow gives in his book are: - the wealthy bond holders... more
American History Us History


The aillies took Wilson's advise and divvied up Germany

The aillies took Wilson's advise and divvied up Germany


Was violent or nonviolent protest more effective in the context of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement?

Was violent or nonviolent protest more effective in the context of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement? It seems like a simple question, but on further examination it is a challenge to discern. The... more
American History Law Russia United States


How compare the rights and conditions of the American slaves to those of Russian serfs?

How compare the rights and conditions of the 19-th century American slaves to those of the 19-th century Russian serfs?
American History Economy Japan United States


Where did Japan get their oil during WWII?

To my understanding the United States was the largest exporter of oil to the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese islands aren't known for their oil fields. It's also believed that the... more


Why were blacks still victimized in the Northern states after slavery's abolition?

1. I can understand why the former Confederate states still discriminated against blacks starting from Reconstruction, but why did the North? 2. Isn't it inconsistent for Northern whites to have... more
American History Us History


True or False? US History

President Carter responed to the Iranian raid of the US embassy by demanding the hostages be release, but they were not released.
American History World History


What sort of discrimination did Chinese immigrant face in the 1800

American History Social Studies


Did the large states have more votes in Congress than the small states?


Why did Thomas Larkin write his biographical sketches?

Thomas Larkin, wealthy merchant of Monterey, California in the 1840s, was the consul of the United States. He was also a secret agent for President Buchanan who sent to Washington 78... more


Shantyboat communities on the upper Mississippi River Valley?

Does anyone have links or resources beyond books they can direct me to that directly deal with shantyboat communities along the banks of the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, Missouri? I'm... more
American History United States Slavery Jefferson


What developments in Jefferson's life caused him to withdraw from the topic of slavery in political discourse?

Where Jefferson once saw slavery as the central flaw in Virginia, a sentiment he forcibly expressed in his *Notes on the State of Virginia*, he later “began to adjust his thinking to concentrate... more

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