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Translation in Spanish

Could someone please translate these phrases for me in Spanish!"My friends and I love to watch tv. I enjoy romantic and comedy tv shows. But my friends watch action tv shows the most. We also love... more

(To what extent) will Trump's plans, the implementation of the zero tolerance policy and the building of a wall between America and Mexico, be effective in combating the MS-13 criminal gang?

For school, I am investigating (to what extent) Donald Trump's plans, implementing zero tolerance policies, and building a wall between America and Mexico will be effective in fighting the MS-13... more

Is there a Spanish word for "Tada!"?

Do Spanish speakers use the word "Tada!" or is there another, better one? I am particularly interested in Mexican Spanish. You use it when something is transformed or revealed. For example, when... more

When was the concept of the "border wall" between the United States and Mexico first proposed?

The current American president Donald Trump has become notorious for (among other things) championing the idea to build a 18+ foot concrete wall across the entire US/Mexican border. Where did this... more

How prevalent is the phrase "qué padre"?

Here in Mexico, the slang phrase *qué padre* (or variations such as *muy padre*, etc) are quite common, with the meaning "how cool". Is this just Mexican slang, or do other regions use the same... more


What is so special about the location of Mexico City?

Since 1325, the area we know today as Mexico City has held some sort of cultural or historical bond. The bond is so strong that, no matter what, no matter how bad a shape the country gets, they... more


“Que viene” vs “proximo”?

I have seen the expression, “*next year*” translated as both “**el ano que viene**” and “**el ano proximo**.” Are there regional preferences? Which one is more natural and why? Which translation is... more

Es una ofensa decir "Chale"?

> A: Quiero ir a la casa de Juana a visitarla. > B: Chale! Vamos. Es una ofensa decir "Chale" ?

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