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American History


What was John D. Rockefeller’s industry?

American History


Explain how Lincoln's words agree with Jesus's words.

American History


Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs accomplished all of the following except:

1.Changed the rules governing the buying and selling of stocks2.Created unemployment programs3.Eliminated homelessness4.Temporarily closed banks
American History Economics


What happens with laissez-faire economic policies?

American History Bill Of Rights


Does the bill of rights give you the right to file a complaint in court?

American History


how were senators elected before 1914?

American History Social Studies


What immigrants were rejected by inspectors?

American History


Discuss the role of Africans in early (1600-1700) America.

Why were they needed? What problems did they experience?5. Discuss Bacon’s Rebellion as a symbol of American independence. How are his actions indicative of future American independence?
American History


how did the tea monopoly hurt colonial merchants

American History


Columbian exchange

I need help on the effect of typhoid fever during columbian exchange
American History


British Victory

How did the British victory in the French and Indian War lead to hostilities in America that eventually caused the American Revolution?
American History


Describe the first two permanent English settlements in North America.

Describe the first two permanent English settlements in North America. An excellent response will discuss their reasons for coming, religious affiliation, economies, problems they encountered, and... more
American History


Who benefitted from the policy of mercantilism?

England France Spain colonist 
American History


Which good did the Charter of 1732 require the Georgia Colony to produce

i want to know what is the answer to this question so i could understand it more.  
American History History Us History


which question was the war powers act of 1973 intended to address?

 ^^ this is on my study guide
American History


How did America start?

America was not always an independent country, when and how did it all start?
American History


Who was the general who was sent to replace McClellan as leader of Army of the Potomac

Was it general Ambrasw e. Burnside yes or no
American History


Has Madison proposed theory for competing factions worked as he hoped?

Madison proposed that a large republic would balance and check competing factions (interest) and thus permit the able and virtuous men to attain power to govern for the common good. Has the system... more
American History


How did Andrew Jackson react to the election of 1824? Why?

its about american history
American History


To obtain political rights, plebeians formed their own assembly called

 To obtain political rights, plebeians formed their own assembly called
American History


what did chief joseph do for his people after they were all relocated for a reservation in oklahoma

This lesson is for gradpoint american history 2

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