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Germans - Is it cultural appropriation or cosplay?

Well, if a Caucasian American were to dress as the German mythological creature the Rasslebock (similar to but distinct from the US's Jackalope), would it be cultural appropriation or disrespectful... more

Was there a "European Balance of Power Strategy" for Anglo-American interests in between 1925 and 1935?

Was there a "European Balance of Power Strategy" for Anglo-American interests in between 1925 and 1935?**

Did the US provide oil assistance to Germany during WW2?

Some Russian guy on BBC Radio 5 (Up all night) claimed that the US had helped Germany maintain its oil supplies during WW2. At least that's what I recall of his rant. I may not have captured this... more


How many officers on board Type VII-C U-boat?

As the topic states I am curious of how many offiers were on board a type VII-C U-boat during WW2. I know the crew size was typically 42 to 48, but what was the breakdown of the crew? Bonus points... more

Where was the pre-war (ww2) border between Poland and Germany?

I am interested in mapping the pre-war (WWII) border between Poland and Germany. Is there any data available in a public resource? Can anyone describe waypoints along the border in terms of... more

How to introduce myself in 10 minutes?

I am invited to an interview and was asked to prepare an introduction of myself and my proficiency, i.e. explain briefly my CV and an example project I am currently working at. I was given a time... more

Did Charlemagne's Christian conquest of Germany cause the Vikings to hit back at Britain?

A [documentary on The Dark Ages](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Ages:_An_Age_of_Light) says that Vikings invaded the British isles after Charlemagne of France conquered some of Germany and... more


Why are the German and French languages so different?

My understanding (which could be wrong) is the following: During and before the period of the fall of western Rome (roughly 400 AD), the Franks and the Alemanni were tribal people who moved... more


The area of a circular rug is 63.621 feet^2 . What is its diameter?

Germany is hard.
Germany War Soviet


The Nazi Germany Topic

This is a q in an interview i need to pass, pleas help and thanks!   You are a high Nazi official and you learn that Hitler was captured by the Soviets. A meeting is urgently required. What to do ?


why was i born black?

answer my question


Please help me with the following task for history.

1) Select two examples of German cultural expression, one from the Weimar period and one from the period of Nazism. You might compare an abstract sculpture with a piece of Nazi 'folk art'. Include... more

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