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Is this gym plan decent?

So I sorta copied this work out plan from youtube but made some small adjustments to it. I'm very new at working out. I'm also female if that makes a difference- I'm aiming to gain some muscle,... more
Weight Health


I have an eating disorder. I fluctuate in weight so much. What is my true weight and can I really gain or lose much weight in a week?

Recently I’ve been fasting for days, up to 5 or 6 sometimes and “losing” weight. For instance, i fasted didn’t eat anything for 5 days and was at about 114 pounds, and then I ate every day for the... more


What are the weights of the five boxes?

A shipping manager wants to determine the weight of five boxes. Each weighs a different integer amount less than 100 kg. Unfortunately, the only scales available measure weights greater than 100... more
Weight Physics Wheels


How much does putting something on wheels change it's weight when being pulled?

I tried googling it but everything relates to cars!!!Context:A friend of mine is very interested in strong men and their spectacular feats of strength, pulling boats, cars, ect...And I have the... more


Calculating electric motor's weight lifting ability knowing power. What else do I need to know?

So, my company works with electric motors, and my boss wanted me to calculate how much weight could be lifted by a motor rated at 750W. I know that I can't just calculate the work done by it... more

Do combined oral contraceptives cause weight gain?

I started Lo Loestrin Fe ([a combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pill](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_oral_contraceptive_pill)) about 4 months ago. The first month on it, I got... more

Do combined oral contraceptives cause weight gain?

I started Lo Loestrin Fe (a combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pill) about 4 months ago. The first month on it, I got my period. The second month, I did not. The third month I got it.... more


weight of boxes

A fruit company delivers its fruit in two types of boxes: large and small. A delivery of 3 large boxes and 5 small boxes has a total weight of 132 kilograms. A delivery of 9 large boxes and 7 small... more


What is the weight of each fruit?

If,  Banana and Grape = 1500g Banana and Papaya = 2400g Papaya and Grape = 2700g


If 165 bottles weigh a total of 49 pounds, how much does one bottle weigh?

Trying to find the weight of one bottle based on the weight of 165 bottles equalling 49 pounds.


How to find the weight of the air inside a ball?

I know the radius including the outside layer or "shell" of the basketball is 0.1205m and without is 0.1075m. The inflation pressure is 55158.06 N/m2 in Pascals. 


Price of peeled oranges

The peel of an oorange weighs about 1/6 the mass of the whole orange. The cost of six oranges is $4.80. All the oranges were peeled and the fruit was found to weigh 1.6kg. What was the price per... more


10x the size of replica, how much would it weigh?

Brad is planning to build a castle. He builds an exact scale model of the same materials, and it weighs around 300kg. The actual castle is to be 10 times the length, width, and height. How much... more


Im trying to figure out the weight of something from kg/meter and need to put it into lb/ft.

The product weighs 0.5kg/m and the overall length is 4.57 meters. I need to put that into lbs/ft. Does that make sense??

How do I answer this without logarithms?

A fat cat that was initially 12kg reduces its weight by 10% each month. How long does it take for the cat to be at least 6kg lighter than its original weight? Give your answer as a whole number of... more

Newton's gravity and weight qs

An astronaut has a mass of 80 kg, but on an unknown planet, the bathroom scale reads 15 kg when the astronaut stands on it. What is the astronaut's weight and the gravitational field strength on... more


How much does she weigh?

There is a woman who is 5 foot, 6 inches tall and weighs 125. She is shrunk down to 5 1/2 inches tall. How much does she weigh?


The puppy weighed 1kg. It was 5% of its adult weight. What is the puppy's adult weight?

When the photo was taken the puppy weighed 1kg. It was 5% of its adult weight. What is the puppys adult weight? 

Please help! Seven plates, 9.5lb, red and black, the red weigh 0.2 less. How much does each colour weigh?

There are seven plates. 5 plates are red, 2 plates are black. In total, they weigh 9.5 pounds (lb). All red plates weigh the same, all black plates weigh the same. If the red plates are 0.2(lb)... more


Find the baby's weight increase?(need help quickly before thursday)

A baby weighed 6 lb 11 oz at birth. At 6 months of age, the baby weighed 15 lb 9 oz. Find the baby's increase in weight during the 6 months.

Geometry question

two solid cylinders are made of the same material. cylinder a is six times as tall as cylinder b, but the diameter of cylinder b is four times the diameter of cylinder a. Which cylinder weighs... more
Weight Pictures


One mouse weighs 20% more than another mouse...

Simple pictures may help you solve some of these problems.   One mouse weighs 20% more than another mouse. Together, the two mice weigh 66 grams. How much does each mouse weigh? Explain your... more
Weight Physics Distance


Weight of an Object

A spring has a spring constant of 200 N/m. It stretches a distance of 3 m when an object is hung from the spring. Use Hooke's Law to find the weight of the object.

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