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If 80 pounds of seed costs $96 then what would 300 pounds of seed cost

what would 300 pounds of seed cost if 80 pounds of seed costs $96 


If I have 112 grams of chicken breast and 1 serving is 1 breast how many servings of chicken make a pound?

 finding an answer for a recipe


How many pounds of each coffee should be used in a blend that sells for ​$12.8212.82 per​ lb?

Three varieties of coffee long dash— Coffee A, Coffee B, and Coffee C long dash— are combined and roasted, yielding a 5050-lb batch of coffee beans. Twice as many pounds of Coffee C, which retails... more

Word problem

My cat Socrates is very furry. (a) I shaved him two months ago, but I couldn't get all the fur off. The amount of fur he has increased by 15% two months ago, then 35% last month. If he has 5 pounds... more
Pounds Algebra Mixture


How many lbs or each should be in the mixture?

Soybean meal is 14% protein ; cornmeal is 7% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 280 -lb mixture that is 13 % protein?


How many pounds of each type of tea are required?

The manager of a store selling tea plans to mix a more expensive tea that costs $7 per pound with a less expensive tea that costs $2 per pound to create a 70-pound blend that will sell for $3.50... more


There are 20 slices of American cheese per pound. How many ounces does a slice of American cheese weigh??

(to the nearest 10th of an ounce


Easy math I can't figure out.

The freight elevator of a building can safely carry a load of at most 4000 lb. A worker needs to move supplies in 50-lb boxes from the loading dock to the fourth floor of the building. The worker... more
Pounds Space Miles Mass


Earth Surface

The weight of an object varies inversely as the second power of the distance from the center of the earth. The radius of earth is approximately 4000 miles. If a person weights 160 pounds on Earth's... more

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